Monday, July 31, 2006

This Happy Significant Day!

Two years ago we gathered to celebrate our love and to make a commitment in front of our friends and family, and we have photos to prove it.
I find it incredible how much we have changed since our marriage. We had both just graduated from College and were ready to wow the world with our knowledge. But, like any new graduated we had alot of life skills to aquire before we would be of any use to anyone. Of course we are still on that journey, but in two years, through our marriage and through our short time as parents we have matured and grown and have much more to offer still.

I think i miss our 'wild' days of cruising around in the car taking weird photos. Here are a few from our honey moon adventure road trip though a little bit of the states and Canada:

Nope, i lie! I have been trying all day to load photos, and they just won't work. I keep getting a message saying "contains no data" well boo. It honestly took me about 4 hours to get these other two photos up. Ahwell.

For our lovely evening out my mother is babysitting Corrina and we are going for dinner, a walk here and there, a movie, and who knows what other mischief we will find!


Jodi said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Have a wonderful evening out! Why have I never seen your wedding photos before? - I'd love to see more shots of your smiling faces from your very fun day.

Sue said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww happy happy happy anniversary.

your wedding was an inspirtion in life, love, and creativity to me! (and us) Julia enjoyed it very much, especially the sleeping part...and all your wonderful friends.

i m so so so very glad that you can go out and celebrate your life together!!!

rock on. from sue

justus said...

Happy Anniversary! I sure hope you guys had a great funfilled evening.
We would love to see more of your wedding, and all of your family!

dr riptide said...

wow, I guess it has been two years already. Sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you on your big day, I was feeling really awful.
I've been having trouble getting my pictures on my blog too. Is it blogger or just my mac?
Big bro, Mark

JAnie & DAve said...

Don't worry, Mark. Mom told me after the fact that you were feeling super bad, which I was totally oblivious to. I really appreciated your going through with everything in the end. It meant a lot to me to have you there (even though you did kick our collective butts at go-karting).


Tammy said...

you guys look so wonderful. it is nice to remember back. your wedding day was wonderful. i'm sure more for you guys, but also for all your guests. i had a wonderful time meeting all your new frineds. a l;ot has changed in two years eh?
love you!

westcoastloon said...

Happy belated second anniversary!!!

I've been terrible at saying "Happy Anniversary" on time this year -- ask Mark & Rachel. I was away at a conference all week so I'm just now getting caught up on blogs and such. Two years already. Whoo hooo! As everyone else has already said, it was a great day. Happy happy!!