Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is it possible...

... that i haven't really been in the mood to blog? Wow.

It is a very very grey day. Next monday the forcast for winnipeg is 40! My goodness. I think i will be hiding inside. I wonder what the temperature with the humidex will be that day? I think i will enjoy this cool, wet day and not think about it!

One of my favorite movies is Anne of Green Gables. Unlike most people i haven't actualy read the books, i have only watched the movies. Well, this past little while i have been working on reading the books. I love them, but i can't help but read and think "this isn't the way this story went... in the movie it was like this." Backwards. And for all the lines that appear in the book and the movie i tend to read them exactly as Anne or the other characters say them in the movies. I will encourage Corrina to read the books first so she isn't tainted by the movies.

I have been trying to teach Corrina to play peek aboo. Is this really something babies have to be taught, or do they just get it? Well, at 6 months she still doesn't get it. If i cover my face with my hands she watches my hands as they move away from my face, then she sorta looks at me, and doesn't really care. Whatever it is i try to 'hide' behind is way more exciting to her. That's okay. It's cute.

Here's a great post to read and think about. Claire's new inspiration!

I am off now to move my laundry from the washer to the dryer! Yippy. My day is going to be pretty dull, but made of life all the same.


Sue said...

hey lovelies.

thanks for posting the mundane with the thrilling. helps us all know that we aren't alone when a dull day strikes!! haha.

it is very gray here as well...and black, and sometimes pinky...STORMY. i love it!! :) reminds me of home BUT it has attitude. (the thunderous parts at least...)

have a lovely dull day!! *winkwink*
from sue

justus said...

Janie, the Anne books are so wonderful. My father lived in PEI for a while, and I was lucky to go the LM Montgomery sites there are to see there. I also had the joy of watching the play live. It is so different doing things like that once you have either read or watch all of the books/movies. I have done both, as my father use to send me the books all the time.
I have spent many a summer traveling Canvendish, and enjoyed every minute of it! I will send you pics, when I find my craft room again!

Sue said...

ooooooh yes, PEI is beautiful! the beaches, the sands, the hills of swaying grasses....hmmmmmm....makes you want to dance and imagine and talk funny in Anne's delightful manner! :)

what wonderful books. i get sucked in, and then i start writing and talking just like her! it's nuts.

:)ha.Justus: i didn't know you went there lots, that is awesome! :) nice place to travel.

JAnie & DAve said...

I was actually born in PEI, in the charlotte town hospital. My family moved back to bc by the time i was one though, so i don't remember any of it. My mother tells me i have visited the Lucy Maud house, but was in womb at the time. Bummer. I will make my way out there again some day though.
Sue, i start talking like her too! I actualy can get dave to watch the movies with me now too.. tee hee!

the g's said...

hello janie!
i enjoyed your little blurb and connected with so much of it- the whole not being up to blogging much...i don't think i've posted for like a week which is quite rare for me- the anne of green gables thing...i can still watch the movies over and over and have had it memorized since i was little- but have never read the books- maybe that's one i could read to brook- like little women:)...and as i read your post i realized- I HAVEN'T CHANGED MY LOAD YET IN THE WASHING MACHINE!
enjoy the gloom before more heat- gloomy days are great for reading a good book!

Tammy said...

rawley and i went back in your blog tonight and watched all your little movies of you beautiful little girl. rawley wants to see more as do i. your blogs are always wonderful and i love spying on your life. However......we need to see more of your baby on here. I am corrina deprived. Rawley requests more movies. We would like to see one of her rolling all over.. :)
love you janie!
from Ralwey and Tammy