Monday, July 10, 2006

Sitting Pretty!

A new accomplishment: sitting! A whole new angle on the world for Baby Corrina. Her grabbing skills have multiplied as well, and i can't carry her around in a store without her lunging for everything that i am holding! On the downside she is teething and her happy, content temperment has dissapeared and been replaced with an unpredictable, moody, unhappy, tearful baby. Plus i think she has hit a growth spurt so half the time that i think she must be in pain and i try to treat that she actually is in pain and starving too. Not too fun for her and i try to sympathize with her by poking my gums alot and starving myself. Well, not really, but i really try to think about what she must be feeling, and then act from there. Eeeekkkk, poor little sitting beauty.(I love the naked pictures! Lovely, soft baby skin!)

This weekend was Winnipeg Folk Festweekend, which i have been dreaming about for about 2 years. I went for 2 days and had a marvelous time. The festival was voted "best festival 2006" by the north american folk alliance! The fest is about 4 days, but with COrrina i could only handle so much and was very tired out by the end! There was so much to see and do there. Amazing music (wailing jenny's, the Cotter's, K'naan, hawskley Workman, fruit, flook, and other superb artists!), great food, sooo many unique people to watch, beautiful trees and grass and sunshine! There were so many handmade treasures to be bought: clothes (see gathered roots link), jewelry, nicknacks, drums, books, iron work, pottery.... The best part is that most of it is recycled material, or organic materials, plus it is all Hand Made and individual! I forgot to take many pictures, i was too immersed in music and people watching. Dave came too one of my 2 days and really enjoyed his time. This is Corrina at folk fest wearing her beautiful hand decorated dress from hungry! it was the perfect outfit! Ahhh, i am soo inspired and feeling free. But, i also feel frusterated because i don't feel like i have anything unique to contribute to the world now. It seems like everything creative has been done. I have been praying that i would find something that would represent me and being unique, but nothing has come to mind yet. That's okay i am so young and have lots of time (hopefully)! One inspiration i can start living is to care about the earth and people more everyday. I am great at recycling, but not so good at reusing, and i could really start reducing. We are back into cloth diapers because i know Corrina doesn't want to pollute the world with diapers she doesn't even have a choice about wearing. So she has asked us to switch back to clothe so there is a chance the world will be as pretty when she is old enough to enjoy it. I will also be conscious of the products i purchase, and i encourage YOU to be too. Tricia has always inspired us to be careful about all the things we buy in packages: cookies (plastic wrap around plastic container, all shoved into a plastic bag), chips, etc... Sure, it's sanitary, so we many be alive in 50 years and in good health, but the world might suck. It has really been on my heart that God gave us the earth to take care of and i know i am not giving that my full attention and best effort. So yes, folk fest was out of this world wonderful and i can't wait until next year!
I hope everyone takes extra notice of the beautiful outside world today, especially the trees!


westcoastloon said...

Yeah she's sitting WHOO HOOO!!!!!

You said that you weren't sure that you had anything original to contribute to the world -- you do!

There is art in you, I've seen it. I see it all the time. And whether in manifests itself in necklaces of neck decorating delight or in cakes shaped like monkies or in cards or in the little songs you sing to Corrina it's there and it is your gift to the world. And we are richer for it.

In addition to that you are in the process of parenting a little girl the likes of which no one has EVER seen before. There has never been anyone, ever, who is you and Dave together. She is an original work of art if ever there was one. You are building a marriage that is beautiful that inspires others (well, me at least and I'm sure I'm not the only one).

As Mom and I have been haning out this week we keep seeing these fabulous colourful wonderful things and one of us will say to the other "that's so Janie". I wish I could send you a big tub of finger paint and a roll of paper that covers the whole table so you could let the creative juices fly. I know you'll find a way.

Sending you a huge ((((hug))))) You are one of my most favourite people in the whole world.

Love, Claire

mammasita said...

hey Janie.
Wow im so excited for Corrina being able to sit up.
hey are we going to get together and go to that moms group again. I had fun last time we went together.

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks claire. That was super encouraging and i know i am going to have a great day, no matter what i do, because you care about me, and COrrie, and dave! Thanks, love you!

Sue said...

Ditto, WHat Claire said.

that is so true.

you are the art, Corrina is a darling sweet beautiful child that you are bringing into the world....

hmmm. good thoughts to think, the whole reuse, reduce and recycle bit. you are a creative inspiration, among many other things! :) God certainly does want us to care for the world, as in the People and the Places. :) good things to consider and act on. thanks Janers.

ooooh I LOVE FESTIVALS LIKE THE ONE YOU DESCRIBE!!!! i just get so pumped to do and create and live and breathe better air!! :) aaaaahhhh. sounds marvelous!

Sue said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE IS SITTING!!! we are missing out on sooo much! i am glad you have this window for us to peek in on you every once and a while!

Tammy said... is amazing how fast they change. she smiles then rolled then sat up..crawling is not too far off you know that right. she grabbing for stuff in your hand now...soon she will be crawling all over your house and into everything. it is wonderful!!! i love being able to see her grow. i wish i was closer to you guys!
it also sounds like you had a good couple days at the folk fest. i don't think you should ever worry about not being original or creative. you are the most creative person i know.
keep your chin up!!

the g's said...

sitting! corrina! wow! she's growing up so fast- what a gorgeos little girl you guys have. bet she's lovin' the new look on life she has:)

Sarah said...

aww, sitting Corrie! I feel like I'm missing out! Thanks so much for putting pictures up so I can follow along.

├žiao from Italia!


Tricia said...

The Cotter's were at Folk Fest??? REALLY???