Thursday, July 13, 2006

Vote for Pedro

These days I've got Napoleon Dynamite on the brain. We've got our big Napoleon event coming up this Saturday, and I'm preparing costumes and games and such. And one thing I've been doing a lot is looking up stuff online.

In my googling I came across an interesting pneonminon. I'm sure you are familiar with the now classic shirt: VOTE FOR PEDRO, written in red Copper black on a white w/ black ringer shirt (yes, I actually have one of these). Now this shirt is nothing new, but I've never seen some of these before:

Deport Pedro

Pedro Sucks

Pedro Lacks Politcal Experience (my favourite)

Don't blame me, I voted for Summer

We should have voted for Pedro (with a picture of Bush)

But then I came across this. Now honestly! Is there any excuse for this?!

I'm sorry, but no he didn't. Pedro is a fictional character, and this is just sad. I could even handle a "Jesus loves Pedro" or a "Vote for Jesus", even though that would be pushing it. This is worse than sad. This is cheap. A cheap grab for attention.

What do you think? Do these sort of things work? Am I way off base here? Has anyone ever come to faith because of a whitty saying about Jesus on a shirt? Is there a cultural difference here between Canadians and Americans? I'm trying to give the creators the benefit of the doubt, but I'm struggling.


PS> If you want a descent "Jesus" shirt, may I suggest a few.


JAnie & DAve said...

ya know what i hate about 'christian' things... Christian materialism and the huge market that exists for christian items. Alot of the little christian things we like (clothing, braclets, statinary...) are made in china by underpaid workers. this sucks. We don't need these things to live a life for god, but our culture is so wrapped around allowing materials and store bought items to define who we are and even what we believe that sadly in 'representing' our god we are hurting others who make these items. Now, if you know me then you know i have 'materialism problems' but as a Christian i feel that this is the last thing God desires me to be concerned with. We are the last people who should be creating a market for mass produced 'stuff', and unfortunately we have created a pretty big one. Ouch.
Dave: when you see the "jesus loves pirates" shirt do you really think of real pirates, or do you think about 'fictional ones'? Because well, now adays, pirates are fictional too, so the shirt may as well say "jesus loves Pedro the fictional mexican pirate"
Just buggin you!

Sue said...

yeah, the whole Christian- Materialistic-Marketing thing is a strange paradox. Similar to the strange "run your church like a big business corporation" fad.

odd beings, we humans are.

living a life of opposites.