Thursday, July 13, 2006

Much Joy In Blog Land!

I just love 'snooping' around on other people's blogs. Through a series of snoops i found some marvelous old friends in blog land that i never anticipated even seeing again. Wow, i am filled with joy. I saw new baby twins that belong to a bible study leader i had back in High school (camp luther connection), i found wedding pictures from a friend who just got married saturday, i found the blog of one of my funny youth friends, and many many more. I am filled with much joy because i love people, making connections, and staying in touch.
I also had a lovely visit this morning with my friend and her energetic little 17 month(?) old. He sure did keep the cats busy as he chased them under every piece of furniture (their desperate attempt to hide!) , and Corrina slept through the whole thing!
My heart is happy and my mind wants to do a little more snooping. I am off now.


the g's said...

enjoying the joy of blog land's so fun finding people you haven't seen in so found dan too eh!...i'm such a snoop-but it's fun and i know everyone does it! and it's not like i even try very hard- it's so neat finding connections between friends you never would have known if it weren't for the mighty blog land!

have a great day janers! love ya!

Sarah said...

Hi there,
It's Sarah Blackwell, from Prov back in the day, I'm not sure if you remember me but.... It's funny that you would write about snooping around other people's blogs because that's how I found yours and now I read it every day. I love it! Sam and I are living in Korea right now and I can get lonely sometimes for familiar faces and a glimpse of Winnipeg life. You are super people. Thanks for having a great blog that we can go to for some "warm-fuzzies."

justus said...

there is nothing wrong with snooping around... sometimes that how you make friends.
I will often hit the blog button on my blog, that will take me to a different blog all the time.. there are days when I check out everyone's links from my regular sites I check out, and somedays I go beyond that and check a few more out!!

Tammy said...

hey janie
who had twins???
are they franks wedding photos?? i wanna know! i nosey too. i like to catch up with old friends.
let me know


mammasita said...

what other way would you and I have met lol.
blogger rocks!

JAnie & DAve said...

Hi Sarah, glad to know you are out there! I had heard you guys were in Korea... how is that going? I can only imagine the loneliness some days. Are you getting to know the area you are in? Do you have a blog? I would read :)

Yes, many friendships over blogger (but good ones, not 50 year old men meeting 13 year old girls... and no i am not sorry if i offend any of you secret 50 year old men readers who think i am a 13 year old girl! te he)
Keep it real a-team!

Stefanie said...

Hi Janie,
Thanks for your comment. I totally encourage you to start a food blog; the food blogging community is a large and crazy one! Definitely fun! If you do decide to start one, you have my readership. Thanks for stopping by.

ps - Corrina is a real cutie! :)