Tuesday, August 29, 2006


One of my great Friends, Meg, from abbotsford, came to visit me this week! She met Corrina for the first time too! We had a BLAST hanging out. Lots of tea was consumed, we played the simple and fun card game Fecal Cranium (translation: shit head) over and over again, looked around at all the famous Winnipeg sights like the river, the forks, the exchange, assiniboine park and the malls, baked, cooked, and talked the night away!
I cannot believe the amount of fun we had together. She is wild, and brings out a very silly side in me. Corrina liked her too!
I have a little story, about me. We went for a "shopping" walk yesterday morning. We hit some thrift stores, one of winnipeg's greatest music stores in the exchange, and made a little stop at MEC. I had to pee. I found the wash room at MEC, and before whipping down my pants i read a little sign above the toilet "This toilet does not use water or chemicals. All waste it processed and composted underneath the building..." or something to that effect! 'Great!' I thought, and was super excited to leave my piddle and paper waste here, of all places, because i love this spinning earth and the fact that my pee was going to be composted thrilled me through and through. So, i got all settled on the toilet, comfy on the outhouse like seat (minus the smell!) and was ready to do my business. Then.... a breeze hit me you know where. It was cool and i froze up. I couldn't go. I was so disapointed and tried to relax and relax, but the breeze was so distracting and i couldn't even produce a drop. I stood up with hopes of contributing to the composte below and waiting a few seconds thinking that maybe i would try again. I sat back down, and whhooooossssshhh, the breeze was still a blowin'. Darn. I salute MEC for their noble efforts to keep the earth clean and to dispose of waste in a tasteful manner, but maybe their system in flawed because they aren't getting any from me. Or maybe i am just flawed. Has anyone else had this delight or experience, or frusteration on the can at MEC?

August is over in 2 days, from where i sit. That means that colors of marvelous shades will soon be appearing around Canada, my birthday will be celebrated soon, i will get to pull out my sweaters, jackets, scarves and mitts, and wonderful school is starting up for many a person.. but not me.

Pictured here is the very dirty river that we leave a few minutes from. Yuck, but pretty too!

that is that. We have had a summer full of visitors and visiting. Each experience is stored in my mind forever. Looking back i did not know we were to see so many of our beloved family and friends, and i am so pleased and thankful with the way the summer worked out. Praise God!!


justus said...

Glad you have had such great experiences this summer. The summer feels like it is over. With kids going back to school.. me looking for work... and the cool air outside.. I think we are done for the year.
Hope all is well your way. Glad you got some more visiting done!!

JAnie & DAve said...

i should attribute all these lovely photos to MEG who took lots of pictures while here!

Lori said...

I just loved the picture of you and Meg with Corrina's head popping out over Meg's shoulder. So funny and cute!!! It's hard to believe summer's pretty much over, eh? I want it to stay around a little more, just for the sunshine. But I DO love the fall leaves too!

Lori said...

I havn't experienced the toilet phenomenon, although I think I understand. I've gotten frozen for other silly reasons before. Crazy bodies we've got. But way to go MEC!!

Sue said...

heeheehee. i love meg too. what a dear crazy sister. she truly knows how to draw a person out and make them shine, eh?

i can't wait for autumn!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand the not-so-easy-breezey-peeing situation. it takes a high level of concentration to make things happen in such a state...but i'm sure you'll get around to it! haha :) maybe you should practice, go there every other day for two weeks. :)


mammasita said...

Hey you!

How are things with you? We have to get together soon!

Love the pics!
Corrina looks like she is getting so so big!

Take Care!

bre said...

i think the MEC toilets are awesome. with a bit getting used to, Janie, you can do it. let's have some breeze poop training. i'll install a little fan inside your toilet so you can get used to it. and every wednesday (wednesdays seems like the best day to pee in a bucket) we will head to MEC and I will coach and encourage you. eventually i know that you can beat this! and then in our communal abode we can have a cool breezy composting toilet! yay!

i read in the new Geez mazagine that somebody said something to the effect of "when are we going to realize how stupid it is to sh*t in drinkable water?" (bad word, but it was used in the article). Its true. it seems silly, doesn't it? especially since people are dieing and getting sick from lack of this water. we waste it so liberally. poop in drinking water? i bet they are horrified. and i think i am, too.

the g's said...

oh it sounds like you and meg had a fabulous time!!! nothing like getting together with dear friends you haven't seen for so long. love the pics!!!