Thursday, August 31, 2006

Double Jump!

I think it is video time again!

Corrina is having a ball in this new borrowed toy! And yes, she now has a very pokey mouth with two teeth! The second is just below the surface of the gums, which i imagine is very painful. Soon it will be up and chewing! For a teething baby she is still very content and sleeping well, if you don't count the 2.5 hours she was awake last night wanting company! We love Corrina!


Sue said...

aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww jumping is such a highlight for kids. great great. :)

soooooooooo sweet.

lots of gurgles!! aaaaaaawww.


mammasita said...

awww that looks so cute!!! she sure is enjoying that!!!

two teeth!!! elaina and corrina must be teething buddies cuz she is working on her 2ed tooth as well!!!

Lori said...

Yep, very cute. I love how you baby talk too, Janie :)
Love ya

justus said...

bounce bounce bounch!! That is wonderful to see her enjoying that! Glad that she has her teeth coming in so well. She is going to be ahead of Elaina with the teeth!


JAnie & DAve said...

me hopes she sleeps well tonight because i am taking my chances by staying up late and watching the godfather!

Aimee said...

janie, so great to hear from you. i'm glad you stumbled across my blog. neat to read some of your entries and get a peak into your life. it sounds like you, dave and corrina are living rich full lives, i praise God for this.


classiquebabe said...
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classiquebabe said...

Wow, that is so cute,what a sweet little girl you have. :)
I can't wait for my little guy to start jumping like that, he can only push himslef around a little, BUT the smiles I get when he's in the jolly jumper are GREAT!!!

oh ya by the way this is Sophie ... Robyn & Jay, Dave & Sue, and Keyra's friend.

the g's said...

what a little jumping bean you have there! corrina is so cute and an energetic little gal.

yay for borrowed baby stuff- if we all bought everything we'd have full houses and empty nice to borrow things then later be able to lend out your own.

you guys still planning your thanksgiving trip out here?

talk to ya later!