Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crazy Trip photos!

Just for the heck of it, here are some photos from our honey moon road trip! This one is at the Deluth aquariam. It was fun to be an otter!

Onward now...

Oh, thanks dave for the pretty wild flowers.. that ended up infesting the car with crawly critters and bugs...ewww. But i seem to remember that we were almost home anyway!
Aren't we cute (and young looking. My goodness, i knew i would look back on my photos and think "sheesh, i was young", but i didn't thnk that would happen this soon)
Watch out!
Ahh yes, the biggest loonie! We stopped at every "The biggest" we could find and took pictures!

Our trip had to finish sometime, but we did get to go home to a house full of wonderful wedding gifts! Thanks, we love them all and remember you every time we use them (well, at least i do, i don't know if dave does!)

What a fun blast into the past... at least for me! Here is a photo of us last night.. dare to compare!

To celebrate our great day Dave and i started our night with a river boat ride on the River Bus. We were only on it for about 10 minutes, for the a fare of $3 that is enough! I love being on water. Afterwards we walked to the Keg for lovely steak dinners. Yum! Dave wanted (yes, dave decided this all on his own) to order and try an alcoholic beverage! We have heard alot about Mojitos from many many people and thought we would give one a whirl! We both thought it was delicious! Next we saw Pirates of the Caribean, and then stopped at our favorite dessert place and got two pieces of crazy chocolate cake to go. We stopped our car and put a blanket out on the grass, amongst the trees, under the stars and Hmmmmed and Yummed over the scrumptious cake! And that was that, time was up, Corrina needed me so we had to head home. Dave tried to have a surprise for me, and i told him i think i might know what it is... so he wanted me to guess and sure enough i got it right. We had bought a star map last year at the Grand Canyon and we had both pretty much forgotten about it. This is what i guessed, and dave prented that i was wrong, and was very astounded that i had gotten it right, but i did! Sorry dave. So we gazed (more at the map than the sky... "how does this thing work, which way does it point?"...) and it was fun even if i knew about it.
Now i can't wait for next year. We already decided we will go out for lobster!


mammasita said...

wow sounds like you had a very nice evening!
Glad to see the update.
Do you guys ever look diffrent hehe. But so do I as well.
Elaina has liked her bath the last two nights in a row.

sarah said...

Happy happy day! I'm glad you guys had a good time.

p.s. Mojitos? I nearly died of shock. ;)

Sue said...

WOw!!!!!!!! what a beautiful date. is sounds just perfectly lovely. :) ooooooh how sweet.

you are great persons. glad to know you and be your friends...glad to share these years with you...over th4e blogworld.

love from us.

Matt said...

The comic is fantastic. 3.5 stars (out of a possible 3.5). Ah, the joys of Muppets Tonight.
See you tonight!

Lori said...

Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like a great time!

dan said...

did you see the big nickel too??? since I was a kid it's been a dream of mine to see it.