Friday, August 04, 2006

Farewell and personal maid

Our good friend Tricia, not to mention my personal political information resource, left last night for one year to embark on a life changing adventure in Hong Kong. To celebrate and let's face it, just eat out, we friends gathered to send her off into a new country by eating that Countrie's food. Sarah, i know you missed it, but we pretended you were there (or at least i did!), and dave can even edit you into the photo if you like! Here we are chowing down on gooooooooddddd hong kongian foods:
Oh, and a word about my personal maid: for the last week i have had one. She looks like this:
Imagine that, it is my mother! She has been visiting, and has cleaned our house top to bottom . Me like! She even got down on her hands and knees with our little, but very powerful, dust buster to vacum Corrie's room. I haven't washed dishes in a week, plus i thought i swept alot (at least once every two days), and my mom has swept at least 2 times a day! So everything is fresh and smells great. It was nice to take Cleaning off my to do list this week and focus more on Corrina and myself. No Worries, we still had lots of time to visit (she's quick... quicker than me!) We even got to celebrate a little bit of her birthday with her (bet you can't guess her real age!) The only down fall is that my mom really doesn't like play board games, at all, so we had to find other entertainment... well, not for her, she entertains herself, just for ourselves!Corrina has really 'chubbed out' this last week.

Take it easy,


mammasita said...

hey janie,
glad to see you had fun this week. Glad you got to spend some time with your mom. Its nice to have someone clean your own house once and a while to bad my mom wasnt like that.

Anyways Corrina looks great! pretty soon before you know it she will be all over the place on ya.
take care

Sarah said...

*cry* I so wish I could have been there to send her off! I told her so on the phone but it's not the same. I'm glad you guys had a great time though. Your mom looks great! I can't wait to see you guys, as well as that beautiful baby again!

Sue said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Mother's are so great for quick cleaning eh?? i hope i am too one day!! I am soooooo glad you have had a lovely week together, sounds fab!

Can't wait unti i get to squeeze Corrina, she is such a darling! :)

love from sue

Lori said...

Hey, cool that your mom got to hang out and stuff!!
So yeah, I'm coming on Wednesday night to Sunday. Janie, can I come see you Thursday? I think it's "the time" we can see each other. Gotta get these plans in place. i totally want to see you and your place and your beautiful child! Not sure how to connect to more definatly make plans. I need your phone #, but that's not a thing to go putting on a blog, eh? Maria's got mine. Maybe I'll ask her for yours and you can ask her for mine, maybe that'll work. See you SOON!

dr riptide said...

What sort of thing will your friend be doing in hong kong?