Monday, August 07, 2006

Past my Bedtime

Last night we participated in a lantern lighting ceremony to commemorate those who died and those who still suffer from the only use of atmoic weapons: the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. We made small laterns and floated them in a fountain/pond at a park in winnipeg. It was an emotional time for many as we gathered to regonize the real and long lasting pain of war. Women, men, and children still bear the marks of the terror of nuclear warfare. We saw horrifying pictures, heard stories and reports of war and peace, and enjoyed spending time with a very intergenteration group of people lobbying for a voice of peace. I was actualy blow away by the ratio of young people (my college aged cohort) to older (my parents age and up, up ,up). The olders definately won out the youngers. I love that. We brought Corrina, who was out past her bedtime, with much glee. Corrina broke her own smiling average last night, which seemed so opposite to the feeling of the night. I couldn't help but give her kisses on her neck and make her giggle. Life and death. Laughter and pain. Joy and sadness. Corrina juxtaposes alot of the people and sadness that surround me daily. Just by her nature she stands in opposition to man sought progression, including the use of nuclear weapons, simply through her little carefree laugh and smile. Maybe i was suppose to have a sad time last night, but i had a good time with my smiley baby and did alot of hoping and praying for small people in other countries that don't feel love and security. I hoped they could smile instead of burn in the pain of cancer, aids, and starvation. One day, i hope.Dave will have his own report on the event, including the beautiful and serene latern pictures he skillfully snapped.

Take it easy


justus said...

great family photo! So nice to see how much Corrina has grown.
Thanks for the msg on my blog. I have much more work on our website before I really advertise it. You had some great ideas, that really opened my eyes to the small things I didn't think of!

Hope all is well your way!!

Sue said...

Wow, sounds like an important event to bring your family to. for learning and growing in sympathy and knowledge of what happens in the world outside of our own.

you guys look awesome. Janie i love your hair. Corrie is sucha smiling darling!

love from sue

Anonymous said...

much love,

dr riptide said...

you two and your baby are beautiful! i'm glad you were able to go to the rememberance ceremony. i hope i fight for peace until i'm old and gray as well.


Lori said...

I'm going to call you in a few minutes! I got your # from Maria, and time is running out! I'll be there tomorrow and want to see you tomorrow!!