Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Little trip away

We just returned home from Ontario where we went to celebrate the life of John Colvin(dave's grandpa) with family. It was a very spontaneous trip that we didn't know about until wednesday morning of last week. It was very refreshing to be together with family, including Mark and Rachel who were able to make it out from England (who met Corrina for the first time!) Claire took alot of beautiful photos of Corrina and was a joy to visit with for the second time this year. We also had the chance to hang out with Dave and Sue and Julia, who we hadn't seen in about a year and a half. Dave and i both relished in all the visiting and the game playing. We are immensely thankful for our family
Our house feels so empty to me and i have alot of adjusting to do today. Again it is confirmed that i really do love a house full of people. I have some projects on the go but i am having trouble mustering up the energy to get into them.
Here are some highlights from our trip:

(this first one here is Corrina cutting her first tooth o n Susan's mug! Yes, she now has a sharp mouth!)
A very Proud Grandpa showing off the baby at Church!!!

Well, i have a suitcase to unpack and some fun things to get to. Lonely but good to be back. We miss all you Ontario-ians and Englanders already.



mammasita said...

Looks like you guys have had a wonderful trip.

Corrina has now done something ELaina hasnt yet!
cut a tooth.....

hope we can get together one of these days soon.

Take care!

the g's said...

looks like you guys had a great trip! how does corrina do with travelling (janie-i just realized i don't think i ever e-mailed you back with that travelling question months ago! sorry) it's always so great getting together with family and friends- i love a full house too!!

Sue said...

Hi there Janers, i konw that empty house feeling must be hard to overcome...especially with bags to unpack and all the housework to do alone again. that is no fun. i like sharing housework and food with a few other women, over holidays we do that a bit. it just feels somuch more fun then! :)

We had a BLAST seeing you folks, Corrie is such a darling!!!!!!!!

Love to you there, from sue

justus said...

Glad you made it to Ontario. It is nice to visit with family even if it is for the sad reasons.

Hugs from our house to yours!

Tammy said...

i did not know you had gone away. i was wondering why i have not heard form you in a while. :) sounds like you had a good time, isn't visiting with family wonbderful??? i totally agree with you i would rather have a house full of people. there is a certain amout of energy and happiness. Corrina is looking very beautiful as always. love you guys. miss you

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie..
It was great to see you all. Your father in law sent your blog... cute pics. If you want more, send me your email address and will be glad to send them your way.

God bless.

bre said...

dave, that picture of you sitting outside looks like you have an alien baby breaking out of your tummy.

i thought that was funny.

dr riptide said...

A tooth?! Any more about to surface? The photos look great. Any chance we could get a copy of some of them? Do you have them on the internet?