Saturday, August 19, 2006

What i did today, Saturday:
Developed photos of baby, family and friends
Ate a few baby cookies
Saw my favortie Red Heads: Allison and Patty!
Fed Corrina Brocolli and watched her make funny faces
Installed a new baby car seat into our two door hatch back... not alot of room back there.. i bonked baby's head 4 times trying to get her into the new seat. Ops. (she hardly noticed, but as you can tell i felt a little bad)
Cleaned up from our Sugar Cookies blitz last night. We had a few youth over for dinner and got them into cookie cutting and decorating! A great activity and dessert in one!
Thought about the wonders of "the five sense". I think they were really planned out well. Dave and I tried to imagine what other senses we could have. He thought it would be neat to be able to sense energy and magnetic force and such. I thought i could really just go for seeing dead people. I said "i want to have a movie marathon. Let's watch Xmen"

A long time ago i was very frusterated with the state of my furniture arrangement. I have since moved it around, resulting in this:

Our computer area, play area, shelf area!

Our "seating" area.
Corrina's view of our apartment from her comfy, cozy carpet!

I have a favorite garden at the Winnipeg Legistaltive buildings that i have been looking forward to photographing Corrina at this summer. I have been dreaming about putting her in a little white dress made from my left over wedding dress material and plunking her down in front of vivacious, colorful flowers since I was pregnant. Sadly there has been a construction crew working on the area/pathway in front of this garden ALL SUMMER LONG, and they are still there with their plastic orange fence warning me of the fines if i do try to enter. I just want to use the flowers, really. I promise i won't touch your equipment, or pee in your outhouse, just let me take a few pretty photos please.
Are there any other gardens that measure of to the beauty of this one that i can use?
Oh well, i am sure "the sun will go on setting and rising1" even if i can't take pretty pictures in my favorite flowers.

1. Montgomery, L.M (1900 something), "Anne of Green Gables" P. somewhere in the middle.
I don't miss Turabian, or APA or footnoting at all!


Lori said...

hey, sounds like a fun Saturday. My saturday was putting away paint, mixing paint, talking about paint, and stuff like that... I was working, and when i work Saturday's I am "Canada's Paint Expert" Fun, but tiring!!!
So sorry to have missed to last weekend. Seriously would have been amazing to see you. Our table at the wedding had wide open holes where Dave and Janie should have been :( I'm glad you got to have some good family times though too. Love ya!

mammasita said...

hey I love that pic of you and corrina..

keep up the good work. Corrina lokes wonderful!

Sue said...

aaaaaw ww wwwww.

cute .

Wow, Corrie is in her big girl seat! amazing! I love love love your home. very cozy, homey, sweet, and make-a-me-want-to-visit for a long while-ish. :)

We are enjoying our first family games night with Carcazone! (spelled wrong of course)

yippee for Anne of Green Gable's quotes. :) i love this one: "Imitation is the fondest form of flattery"

no clue where it is found...when anne is teaching, so the later books.

loves.from sue

JAnie & DAve said...

Aren't i hot?!

I do hope, sue, that you get to see our place one day! Who knows.

Keep it real.

the g's said...

your place looks great janie- i love the colours- lukcy megan gets to come out and actually see you guys! i am back to work now- have been for a few weeks- it's only a 20hr position mostly on weekends- the great 'mom position' so i say...hard going back to work but so much easier since i love my job and know brook's in great hands (matt's and my mom's for the most part:)) definately enjoy the rest of your mat leave! see ya!

Tammy said...

you look very beautiful in that picture of you and your darling little girl. she looks beautiful too, but i tell you that all the time so i think you know that already. very nice picture, you should enlarge and frame it.
love you guys. can't wait to see you. when are you coming out? thanksgiving??