Sunday, September 24, 2006

Always when i should be asleep-ing!

It is late, 11pm. Corrina has been in bed since 8, and Dave and i have really gotten into the habit of doing ALOT once she is down for the night (which is actualy a true statement because she is resting without our helping all night now!). I think i set a bedtime of 10pm for myself, but i have always been into breaking rules! I just wanted to hop on and share our concert tales with you while the idea is in my head.
A week or so ago we went to see a band called "The Weatherthans". I first got into them through a friend of mine in first year college. The band is from Winnipeg, and she was from the states. Funny that i would hear about them from her. They are a rock band, although i wouldn't soley classify them as such. Alot of their music is mellow and always very moving. They have such truthful lyrics that prevoke much thought and discussion. They are easy to relate to, and very creative in their musical talent. Their concert was awesome, upbeat (although their cd's aren't necessarily rock and roll, the concert sure was... loud, fast, fun, strong!) energizing and inspiring! Maybe you have heard them and you don't even know it! Dave had a great time, and i keep reminding him to write something of his experience, but alas, he sits and plays some sort of sega game. oh well.
My friend Bre treated us to another concert, on friday 22nd- A birthday gift for me! This concert was very different: folk-country, bluegrassey, harmonies, 3 girls, amazing beautiful talent! They go by the name of The Wailin Jenny's, and i highly recommend that you take a look at their webpage, beautiful face, and delicious, soulful sounds! Check out their album on itunes, and enjoy 30 seconds of their earthy vibe! The concert was amazing. It fills your body with tingles to hear such talented, insync harmonies live and loud! Ahhhh, drooollll drooool. I enjoyed the experience to the max and i suggest you look up their next concert (September 29, 2006,Peterborough, ON, hint hint!!) and GO!
I think alot those who read our blog would very much so enjoy at least on of these very thrilling music groups, so do check out their links and take a listen!
My favorite dichotomy between the two shows, besides their completely differing sounds, was their tribute songs to Winnipeg (both groups originated in Winnipeg, and have since gone continental! Wow!). The Weakerthans chimmed off with attitude their hit song "One great City", proclaiming the lyrics loud and clear "I Hate Winnipeg", while the Jenny's sang with great sorrow of a broken heart over the thought of leaving Winnipeg to move to Toronto in their song "Praire Town" delivering sadness through the words

"But if you ask me to come to you
To leave these fields and these skies of blue
You know I'd be leaving my sacred ground

Leaving this prairie town
Leaving this prairie town

So ask me in that way you do
And I'll leave these fields and I'll come to you
And watch my heart as it breaks in two

I'm leaving this prairie town
I'm leaving this prairie town"

Ahhh, one man's opinion is another man's trash!

Interested yet?


Lori said...

I love good concerts! Those sound like cool ones too! I'm going to get to go to one on Thursday by a highschool classmate of mine who is trying to get into the music scene and record a CD. She's pretty amazing. I'm excited.
Have a great day!

Rachel Z said...

One of my Wpg friends finally got back to me about your child care issue. She has a friend who does daycare in North Kildonan and could give you more info if you want. What part of the city are you in?

Sue said...

i'm addicted.

i love the jennies!! aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


you are the second person to recommend them...

and now i need their music...

oh dear.
thanks for the good tunes folks.
from sue

dr riptide said...

ooohh! i wrote their names down. i will be checking them out! thanks for the tip. i've been wanting some new sounds lately.