Friday, September 22, 2006

For my Birthday...

Well, i could say i had a pumpkin party, with guords galore, and leave it at that, but i will tell you the entire story dear friends. On tuesday-ish, i was enquiring about what festivites we would enjoy on the evening of my Birthday. Casualy Dave said that nothing was really planned yet. I thought about that awhile, and decided that i didn't mind if nothing big was happening, and knowing the small amount of things i accomplish some days i didn't want to take on the task of planning a party. I suggested to Dave that perhaps we could just call the "girls" (4 close friends), and just have them over for some Gilrmore Girls watching and birthday cake. "Sure" Dave replies "i'll give them a call." And he did, and i found a cake to bake and bought the ingredients. The day was set and the Pumpkin Chocolate Cupcakes were being baked! So, that is what we did for my birthday!

Or, so i thought...

Thursday me and Corrina had a lovely day. I worked on tidying the house up for the few friends that were coming over, COrrina played and shopped with me, i opened presents in the morning, and Corrina learned to crawl! (see video below) (at this moment in time she is crawling, well, squggling across the floor chasing after a gourd she is pushing around!)! What a great day!
The house was all clean, i had decorated the table, hung leaves all around, placed smelly candles about and was set to enjoy a small gathering. Six thirty hit and through the door arrived my two friends, who i expected, but they had bags and bags for pumpkins and other such autumn decor. "huhhhhh?"
"happy Surprise Birthday Party!"

So we added a lot more treats to the table, spread lights EVERYwhere, and awaited the ton of friends that Dave had invited! It was marvelous! And my favorite part is that somehow dave managed to get me to clean my own house and set my own table for my own surpirse party! Twisted!

Here are the visuals!
This is the Computer desk, also known as the Pumkin Patch!
And the table featuring all the yummy treats! The party was inspired by the Gilmore Girls and all their junk food habits. Now if only i could figure out how they eat like that and don't gain a thing...?! Ha ha (You can better see the hanging leaves we made in the second picture)

And some more pumkin, autumn happiness!

Last year i had an Autumn celebration Birthday party as well. These are becoming an annual event. Each year we will expand, and invite a few more to our bash. When i am 50 we will rent a hall, have thousands of pumpkin inspired treats and decorations, and guests bursting through the walls. Didn't make it to this year's party? No worries, you are surely invited to my 50th birthday. Lots of time for you to plan ahead!

Thank you to everyone who was able to celebrate with us. I loved it!


ps... crawling video! So very exciting... a wonderful wonderful present from Corrina! Oh, and she slept through the night, 8pm-7:45 am, for the first time (she is a little slow on the sleeping thing, but i don't mind, one day she will be 13 and i will be wishing our problems were as easy as sleeping!)


mammasita said...

Wow Janie! that is so amazing! Glad Corrina is crawling for you now! its crazy that even though our babies are so small they know so much! Corrina was waiting for your birthday to crawl! Elaina cut her first tooth on my birthday!
Im so glad you had a wonderful birthday!

justus said...

Janie, your party looks wonderful! The same theme we had for our wedding last year!!
I am so happy that you had a great day! It sure is nice to spend the day with people you love!

So happy to see Corrina crawling! She loos so cute! Growing so much.
Happy Birthday to such a wonderful mom!

the g's said...

yay janie! i'm glad you had a wonderful b-day with friends, surprises and all! good planning dave!
corrina's crawling clip is awesome! yay for the comando crawl- she looks too adorable!
you guys still coming out here in a few weeks???

Sue said...

aaaaawwwwwwwwww. wow. what a delightful day and night !! i can just smell the pumpkins and candles and cupcakes...mmmmmm.....wish we could have joined you! i truly think Autumn is a splendid party season, you can't beat autumn foods. mmmmm.

CORRIE IS CRAWLING! wow, that is grrrrreat. what fun there lies ahead for her!!

loves. from sue

S said...

HAPPY belated Birthday from us (0:

Lori said...

Happy Birthday from me too. man, this is the season for parties. Bdays all over the place in my world, and anniversaries. It's great!! Glad you had a great day and that there were unexpected things in your day. That kind of thing is so great, as long as they're GOOD unexpected things.