Monday, September 04, 2006

Are Dave and Janie Truly Canadian...

...we didn't even try to find out because we were at a 'family' birthday party. Not our family, but our dear friend Patty and Allison's family. I don't think the other very Christian parents and children would have appreciated, or understood, if we tested our 'Canadianess'. Still, we had a great time paddling back and fortt, about 100 times around, this little 20 foot, shallow, muddy pond.
Now what you can't tell from this photos is that we are engaged in a serious arguement about sterring a canoe. You will notice that i am in the back (the sterring position) and dave rides up front. Well, talk about front seat driver. The guy could not stop messing up every attempt i made to turn us around. I will admit that i was a little rough at the paddle, but i was trying to figure it all out. But i just couldn't with all the interruptions made by mr. colvinson's paddle. Now, if you look in the comment box i am sure you will eventually see his side of the story.
It was truly great to be outside celebrating the birthday of Patty with friends! Corrina didn't come in the canoe because we didn't want her to hear us fight, oh, and we aren't idiots! But she did enjoy the cold water in the pool!
Corrina can rock with the best of them! Well, maybe she can sit with the best of them. Either way, lie or truth, she has felt the comfy wood of her red rocking moose! Thanks Tricia and Candace. I am sure she will soon lose one her percious teeth when she eventualy bonks her mouth into it out of excitment and bliss.

We watched this movie:

Now i think i am a martial arts master fighter and i have spent a good portion of the evening kicking dave, well kicking at dave, and then running away. I do wish i had skills like that guy. Ya know, numchuck skills and sword skills. But i guess it's good i don't because there just isn't room in my locker for swords and stuff. Maybe dave and i will take kickboxing at the community center. Then we can kick each other fairly and dave won't get so many bruises.

Hope our little update keeps you happy, or glad, or sad, or mad.


classiquebabe said...

Oh you guys look like your having so much fun in the pool. It's great the Corrina likes the pool. My baby Rylan LOVES the water but I haven't managed to get any pictures yet cuz public pools have a rule that you can't use a camera there. (I guess for good reason, but too bad) Are you gonna get Corrina into any baby swimming classes at all? Some places have great "mommy and me" swimming classes, thats if you like the pool as well. :)

mammasita said...

you guys look like you were having fun.
Is the moms group this week?

dan said...

haha, janie i miss you and i have to agree with your friends that you are a lot of fun!!! i wish i could be with you guys right now showing you my sweet karate moves...

Rachel Z said...

I guess you won't be able to marry Dan with spelling like that! :)
I love the little red moose. I so wanted to get one for Max before we moved away from our beloved IKEA. But the thought of his little face bonking on the antlers made me reconsider. It's cute, though. And I've got a thing for wooden kids toys. We had some new friends over for dinner today and the poor little girl couldn't get the coloured rings of of my nice wooden ring stacker thing. Shoulda bought the Fisher Price one! Who are these toys for, anyway? I bought the crazy fuzzy snake and big mouth froggie from IKEA instead of Danger the Moose.

dr riptide said...

I am the keeper of the green sword. Those who try to take it shall face a serious butt-kicking. (watch the movie if you don't get it). Dave, I always knew you were a true canadian, now all you have to do is lose a tooth in a hockey game and you are truly there. Or, conversely you could have been trying to eat pancakes with maple syrup and trying to paddle at the same time.

Sue said...

ooooooohhhhhhh how fun!! what an awesome day of funness! oooh canoeing and swiming and not in the same water, the best way to do it!! :)

love you three very much! miss you, see you soon we hope. from sue

JAnie & DAve said...

DAve here.

That day out on the farm was Faboulous! Sunshine, swimming, and tonnes of fun. The best part? PILES of FOOOOOOD!!

As far as the whole Canoeing thing goes, Janie has it pretty much right. We were pretty terrible canoe-ers, and we hit the banks a LOT, but it was also a tonne of fun.

And I'd just like everyone to note: If you look really closely at the photos you can see that I have a BEARD. That's right, I grew a full beard (full enough to get a comb stuck in it) in less than 4 Weeks (photos show only 2 week version).