Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sleeping in a bed of heather

Last night just before i turned my light out to sleep, Dave came in and announced that he had a surprise for me, and would i like to know about it, or would i like to know what it is! I tend to like to know what is coming so i can wait in excitement and anticipation. I also like to know so i can make sure it fits into the week (i do have a life, some weeks!) But this time i decided that i actualy wanted a surprise.
This morning when dave left for work things were a little tense between us. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but we were both just a little fursterated with each other. However, he had told me to expect a phone call from him, because the surprise was somewhere in the house, and he was going to call and tell me where it was. I was really looking forward to this phone call so we could chat and i could be surprised.
The phone rang, it was Dave, and as we were talking he walked right through the door with two flower packages in hand! He announced that he had taken the morning off work so he could stay and help me with whatever i wanted. Then he had a brilliant idea to re organize the kitchen a little to make it less clutered looking and more efficient. We set to work, and accomplished a number of things!
Sunflowers from Dave brighten our kitchen table:

A Heather plant:
Dave likes heather plants because in alot of his little kid english books there was mention oh heather being a great plant to sleep ontop of. I am guessing it grows wild over countrysides. How pretty that must be!

Corrina is starting to interact with her food. I put out little pieces of bread on the highchair tray and she tries her hardest to grab them and get them in her mouth. 1 out of 5 make it, and she happily mushes away at them!

Claire, this picture is for you! The gift that keeps on giving! When we first brought our kittens home Claire sent us a package full of toys and treats for them. This red puff on a spring was one of those cat toys. Corrina just loves it, as she does all their toys. They all share... the cats play with her toys all the time! The kitties running to and fro entertain Corrina so much! She gurgles and smiles at them, grabs them when they are near enough, and waves (as well as she can) at them! Sometimes they are annoying to look after, but they keep baby so happy that it's a worthwhile trade off! I mean... i love them!!!
Merry Autumn to all.


mammasita said...

hey Janie!
Sorry I didnt get back to you today!
I would have loved to have got together!

Im packing right now! It sucks!! I hate packing, but love to unpack.

Mom Colvin said...

Janie, the pictures are great, the flowers are lovely (good work Dave) and I wish I could see your newly organized kitchen. Hope you are having a better week.

Love, Mom XX

westcoastloon said...

Hey Janie and Dave,

What a great surprise to have an unexpected morning together. Such fun! Love the photos and I am thrilled to hear that the kitten toys are still being played with :)

Love and hugs to you!

Sue said...


that is a delightful surprize, good work dave! :) cute cute. and i LOVE THOSE FLOWERS! :) beautiful!

enjoy your newly organized kitchen. oh that must feel great... love organized things.

love sue

kelly said...

what a sweet thing dave did!
and corinna is continually uber-cute (my computer doesn't have the funky accent for the "u" in uber, but you know what i mean, right?)

dr riptide said...

Any luck with the baby modelling agencies??

I'm glad you had such a nice day. =)



Lori said...

Way to go Dave! Sounds like a nice day. And nice flowers. And nice baby. :) I hope you're having a great day today.

Tammy said...

you are a very smart and sweet man.
wat to go.
little surprises like that sure make a difference in you day eh?
flowers are beautiful and so is your daughter.