Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hunting and Gathering!

From my perspective we have had a very good week. It is sunday night now, so the thing of life that had worried us during the week have occured and there is nothing more to be done about those. I love tomorrows because i can't touch yesterday by the time yesterday rolls around.

Readers, have you played Carcassone? Oh, what fun, again, from my perspective (perspective really plays a large part in life)! With much appreciation to Bre, we have discovered a very similar game: Hunters and Gatherers! Instead of building roads players build rivers and river systems, complete with fish! Instead of farm land, players 'hunt' animals that are on the cards. Instead of cities, you guessed it, FORESTS! The expansion pack is very interesting too and allows for much point scoring and muscling in! The game itself is very pretty with lush forests of brilliant red and orange coloring. As we play i plan out hiking trails (i try to avoid the saber tooth tigers and wolly mamoths!), swimming nooks and picnic lunches. Here are a few pictures of us playing!

Corrina, if you can believe it, is 8 months old now. She is very busy, although still not quite crawling, which really doesn't bother me! She loves to shovel food into her mouth with her little hands that she holds like they are permantely stuck in mittens. She nibbles on pieces of bread and baby cookies, and more recently she has almost mastered the art of sippy cupping. Dinning has become very messy and wonderfuly cute! I love our cuddly, sweet, 2 toothed baby girl.

Dave has something wonderufl and fun to report, but he is not here. He is at work doing church things tonight! He will soon share all his wild stories with us all!
May everyone have the Peace of Jesus Christ within them tonight


Tammy said...

Janie and Dave
She just keeps getting cuter. You should really get her into some baby modeling. It could make you alittle extra money ont he side and everyone would get to "eww" and "aww" over you beautiful baby girl. love you guys, glad to hear you had a good week!!!
Tammy, Ryan, and Rawley

Lori said...

Ya, your pictures would bring joy to pretty much anyone in the world. Remember how I was to become a professional Auntie to spread good cheer and joy by showing pictures of my niece and nephews to the world? It's now becoming your job, only it's Professional Mommy :)

mammasita said...

Wow those are wonderful pictures Janie,
Well we have made it to our new place and sortta getting settled. Elaina has been very off since saturday.

I wanna learn how to play that game, My sister's learned how to play it the weekend they when to Sue and Daves.

Hope to get together again some time soon.

the g's said...

adorable pics as always janie- can't wait to hopefully meet corrina in person one of these days and see you again!
a few weeks ago friends brought over that hunters and gatherers game- we loved it! good times! we keep finding more games we're lovin'- yay for christmas coming soon- usually get a game each year. christmas stuff is in @ costco!

Rachel Z said...

We're big on Carcassonne! Is Hunters and Gatherers an expansion or is it a separate game? We introduced Carc. to our friends up here and they had a 6 hour game the other day! They have 2 full sets with all the expansions. Crazy.

Your girl is just so juicy. Yum yum!

Sue said...

:) what a sweet darling dear of a baby you have! totally put her in fall clothes and model away! haha. i hear itis good money for mommies.

Hunters and Gatherer's sounds fab! i think my hunting and gathering husband, and family, would LOVE to play it! haha.

have a jolly good tomorrow, today adn yesterday. ;)

justus said...

I so want to find that game!! I think it would be nice for "family time".

Very nice pictures. I am glad that things are going good for you guys. You have been in my prayers. You came to mind yesterday out of the blue. I hope all is well.

dr riptide said...

Oh, what darling photos! And would you believe, we lent Carcasonne to some friends of ours who are now aout of town. We have just been itching to play it, but we'll have to wait a little while longer. We are also looking forward to playing it with the expansion packs. Nice to know Hunters and Gatherers is fun. We keep an eye out for it in stores here. Any more thoughts on job or school?


JAnie & DAve said...

Just to clarify for everyone:

Hunters and Gatherers is infact another stand alone game, not an expansion pack. It does have one expansion pack of it's own, but is not compatible with standard Carc.


JAnie & DAve said...

YES to baby modelling. I would do it, i have looked a little online, but i don't know anything else about it. Anyone know anyone who knows someone who knows something about it?