Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Homestar Board Game on the Go!

Today I sent off my first email to Matt and Mike Chaps about my Homestar Runner Board Game! I've been working on this game for over a year now and I'm very excited about it! Its' fun, it's orginal, and someday soon it might be available online at a reasonably price!

So when they read my email and see what a brillent idea it is, and put it on their website and make my amazing board-game skills world famous, y'all are going to buy a copy, right? Gee, thanks!

This is me chasing my dreams. It's scary, but really exciting and I'd encourage all of you to do it.

-Dave Colvinson

“Free Country USA is in a FRENZY! Online Fans are offering Top Dollar for genuine homestarrunner.com swag! Get emails from fans offering $$$ for Stuff, race around your neighbourhood and search for the goods! $2 for Marzipan’s Guitar, Carol! $3 for Homestar’s Witches BrĂ¼e! Be the first to collect $10 and Win! But watch out, everyone else is out for the same stuff, and they won’t hesitate to take it from you! Sweet talk your neighbours, Confuse ‘em, or throw a Cow Lamp at them! It’s good, clean family fun with just a hint of Mayhem!”


Mom Colvin said...

Way to go Dave! Keep on chasing those dreams, you never know where the Lord will lead you.

Love, Mom & Dad XX

Sue said...

we are super-deee-duper excited for you!!! this is sooooooooo great, and inspiring as well!!

keep us all posted, we pray and pray for you. :) i prayed that they would invite you to teach them the game by sending you a plane ticket. haha.


from the Nauslings.

westcoastloon said...


I think this is fantastic. I have no doubt that at some point in your life you will make your living out of your own imaginings. I'm pretty sure that imagination of yours is not for recreational use only. Looks professional grade to me.

You continue to delight and inspire me with what comes out of your head. I am thrilled that you were clever enough to marry someone equally gifted in all things creative and crafty. What a colourful celecration of life you will both build together. Is it time to play yet? I can hardly wait.

much love,

bre said...

i am so pleased that you are taking this step. thanks for letting me be a part of this journey of yours.

Matt said...

Best of luck, Dave! Let's hope they actually read their email!