Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Coach Z, why come you don't post no more?

Just in case anyone was wondering, the reason I (dave) have not posted in such a long long time has been largetly up my nose. To be more specifiic, I have had a sinus infection up my nose and across my face that has swollen one nostril shut, puffed out my face, and at one point half-swelled an eye closed. I looked like I had been beaten up, half felt like it, and wasn't particularly up to blogging.

In other (less mucus-filled) news, things have been all manner of up and down for me lately. I think most of the 'downs' have been sick-related, but either way. I was down last week because I held a big youth event that I was very excited about and which no one showed up to. It was dissappointing, certainly, but the worst part was that it's really left me twisting. Should I pursue this group? Do I need to change the day? The time? My advertising? Do I need to change anything? Everything? I feel really thrown for a loop, like everything's up in the air and I'm not sure where things are going to land (and where I should try to catch them or just cover my head).

Beyond the 'blah' world of infections and absentee youth, there has of course been plenty of good stuff in the last little while. Bre's Brithday Party last week was a blast, with the highlight being the custome-made adventure game that Janie and Allison designed. Very hilarious and fun.

Also, the last two weeks have been filled with far more Gaming than normal, which always makes me feel pretty good. A quick but fun game of Settlers of Catan, many games of Munchkin (a fabulous game for those who don't already know), and a hilarious edition last night of "Kung Fu Samurai on Giant Robot Island" where you create your own asian-style B-Movie filled with Ninja action, type-cast characters and bad-dubbing! My favourite part was doing a running comentary of the plot and making up the dialogue to fit the bizarre series of events!

Sumo Wrestler: We must stop Skippy the Wonder Chow before he strikes again!
Shop Keeper pushed to the edge: But how can we do anything if we stay in the house all the time? I'm pushed to the edge!
Gambler: Hey, wanna Gamble?
Shop Keeper: Shut up! Stop asking that!
Sumo Wrestler: I hate that guy!

Meanwhile, in a shady back alley, an Apachi Helocopter lands beside and innocent looking dog.

House Servant: Skippy, I brought you the plans from the house!
Skippy the Wonder Chow: Woof!
House Servant: How come no one noticed my arrival? I came in a freaking helocopter!

We laughed ourselves silly for over an hour. Great fun. Feel free to come over and play a round with us sometime.

Well, my lunch break must be over by now. Take care all!


westcoastloon said...

Well I *was* wondering when you were going to comment on my Homestar Runner and The Cheat pumpkins. . . .but if you've been sick I can cut you some slack. Plus clearly you've been very busy directing B ninja movies staring Wonder Dogs. Sounds time consuming but fun.

I'm sorry to hear that your youth missed out on a wicked-cool event. You always do amazingly great events. I hope that you are able to sort out what to catch and when to cover your head.

And I hope that your head stops trying to kill you soon. I'm sending you a package that has nothing to do with your head, but hey that's not the point.

Much love and hugs to you and your girls,

Lori said...

I hear your pain about the youth. Not that I know what to do about it, but I hear ya. And then they all show up for somehting you didn't work too hard on or weren't excited about, eh? frustrating world of youth ministry.