Friday, November 03, 2006

the cake

Today i took Corrina for the shorest walk we have ever been on. It isn't really too cold outside, or at least not half as cold as it will be come January. She was nicely bundled up and ready to face the chill and sunshine. I really really needed to get out and move my legs around. I have kept us inside all week, besides a few errands, because neither of us has felt very well. Corrina really did not like the part were i had to bundle her up, put her mittens on, and tuck blankets around her. She wiggled and fussed the whole 20 minutes we were out. Oh poor dear. Well, we still made it around the block at least on our first winter walk! We'll try again tomorrow!

I have been in a baking mood, but not an eating-all-the-baking mood. So, dave and I, more I than dave, have been contemplating looking for a second hand apartment size deep freeze. I think it would be convenient to have for when i go back to work/school so we can still enjoy baked goods, that i make now and freeze. They are good in so many ways, and today, after making little tiny zuchinni and banana muffins, i am focused on the sweeter side!

Here is the Care bear cake dave and i made for Bre! It was very tasty and so pretty to look at. It brought back many memories for all of us. Which care bear did you have?
I just tried to take a photo of Corrina playing to attach to this post, but let me tell you what happened. I got down on the floor, got her attention, pointed the camera towards her, and before i could activate the shutter she was coming towards me very determined to have the camera in her hands. When we got close enough and was not given the camera all her smiles turned into whines. I showed her the pictures that i took of her and tried to let her touch the camera a little, but folks, this was not enough. She needed to be holding and flailing the precious silver box about. I think she already knew that this was not going to happen and gave me a big pout session, then off to nap time she went! Oh my little darling. No cute photo today.


Anonymous said...

that is an AMAZING cake! wow, very impressive.
ps. can i add you to my links?

justus said...

mmmm what a wonderful cake!!! Looks like you had a great time doing that!!

Lori said...

that's incredible, really, was there a care bear mould to make the bears, or was that all carved or something? Pretty intricate and I'd really have a hard time eating it cause it was so nice! Well, maybe not, cuase I do like my cake and yummy stuff... :) The pictures of bundled up corrie, dave, and janie are great. I don't like the winter coldness, but seeing bundled up people makes me go, aww, nice winter fun times!!

JAnie & DAve said...

The secret to the care bears: 5 commited hours of Dave melting little bits of chocolate colored waffers, and one Janie saying : "Dave, those are so beautiful, but you need to find a more efficient method for your creations. The baby will wake up eventualy and we will be out of time!"
Dave used "teddy bear" moulds, that really do look like care bears. He used toothpicks to paint on the tummy details. He tried painting the details right in the mould, then pouring the majority of the color over top (very tricky actualy because the small details would sort melt... but we solved the problem somehow!). His more efficient method was to paint the details on the blank white belly after the bear came out of the mold... a little easier! But, that's enough of detail details. Just know that Dave is amazing, and we hope that one day he goes into animating, or art, or maybe even modeling (think wallace and gromit, not runway.)

Please pray for us as we are all sick and having rough nights. We don't want to take night time cold medicine because we might not wake up to Corrina who needs a little help getting her soother after expelling it halfway across the room with her power coughs.

Sue said...

oooooh what a beautiful cake....i can't believe the creativity and TIME you take to make such gorgeous things. i love that it is allllll hand done. incredible!! what an incredible edible.

wow. wow. wow.

i am still in awe.

I will pray for you, rough nights being sick make no-fun days. poor poor family of colvinsons!

love you all, awesome pics of wintery bliss!
from sue

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, I know what the rough nights are like...hope you get better soon (0:
The cake is ABSOLUTELY amazing...the painstaking process sounds exactly like something my dear friend Rhonda would do. Fantastic result! Wow. I am in awe.

Rach said...

Hey~ I hope you guys are feeling better soon. What a beautiful cake~ and beautiful family winter photos as well...

May I come for a walk around the block with you one day?^^

Lovely pictures; always my favourite site to visit~~

westcoastloon said...

"modelling - think Wallace and Grommit not runway" can't ... get ... runway ... out... of... head

Oh no, it is. . . .it's a walkoff. Let's see your best Zoolander or maybe, if the baby is safely out of range, your MAGNUM :)

dr riptide said...

Wow. What a cake. Do you give lessons?


Anonymous said...

wow!what a cake! i can't believe- well- i guess i can believe- all the work you put into it! wow!

i had sunshine bear- still have it somewhere.

hope you guys getting feeling better- no fun feeling gross and being stuck inside. see ya!