Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I am not writting this post to talk about the HUGE amount of snow, large six-pointed flakes, or how i am not too sure how i am actualy going to push Corrina's stroller 20 minutes home in the very densely covered sidewalks. Nope. I am Not here to mention the fact that i cannot see the intersection at the end of my street, 20 meters away because of the white out. I won't tell you about that because if you live in BC or winnipeg, you already know that it's a marshmellow world. I wonder if weather patterns are messed up in other parts of the world. It is suppose to be 14 degrees in Toronto tomorrow. Screwy.

I am posting to show you some more of our Christmas creations. Last night we settled in to work on some our projects. I was working on baby felt shoes to match a dress i am making. Neither are quite done yet.. soon i hope though, especially if this weather keeps up! Dave went into magical creative dave land and made beautiful recycled christmas card ornaments. We have done these before, but this year we are actualy using cards instead of printing designs off the computer. Perhaps we sent you one in the mail last year (perhaps not :( )
This time he came up with the idea to dress the finished ornaments with a collection of beads.
I am so excited to be able to decorate with all the beautiful christmas cards we received last year! You can find the pattern and how to here.

I am posting some more crafting/baking pictures and ideas on Buttons and Glue!
For now i must get all winter suited up again and trek through the snow to go get my beloved Corrina!


justus said...

I am soo sorry that you have to deal with that white stuff... Like you said about Toronto, today was +16 in Hamilton.
I love the "card balls" what a great idea to use those wonderful cards!
Where do you find these great ideas to start with? You are sure doing some great stuff! Keep up the great work!

Mom Colvin said...

You two are just so creative you knock my socks off! Won't it be fun to see how much of that talent rubs off on Corrina in years to come.

Are you adjusting to having her in Daycare now? I'm pretty sure that she is loving it, all the interaction with new toys and care-givers and maybe the other kids too. I chuckled when you blogged that she doesn't share her toys - I don't think that will happen until she is considerably older but believe me she will grasp the concept eventually.

Oh,about the weather, its 12 here in Sarnia and its only 7.30 am - its going to get warmer still tomorrow but plunges to normal temps tomorrow evening. I washed my car yesterday - before the freeze up (been there, done that when you can't open the doors by the time you reach home, ooops!).

Stay warm, stay safe and keep on crafting and having lots of fun with it. You are very special people and we love you a whole bunch.

Tammy said...

no you do not need to talk about the snow because we have all got it. the weather sure is crazy. We are breaking snow fall records in bc since 1956. you guys look like you are having fun with your crafts. your decorations look really good!!!

Lori said...

and there's not a whole ton of snow here in Alberta, but there's sure a lot of that coldness. Don't dare go outside without full gear!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Janie,
I love reading your blog (and the crafty one too now). Partly because of all the creative and interesting things you post on here and partly because you seem like such a fabulous person...so bubbly and happy and you seem to be an expert at finding joy in everything. Plus your daughter is an angel. Merry Christmas to your little family. God bless you!

JAnie & DAve said...

thanks anonymous!

Rach said...

May I come visit you some time next week? I keep failing the word varification on these things. And I'm pretty sure I'm human. At least I think so. Right?

Here we go...