Wednesday, December 06, 2006

a list

What we have been doing this week:

1. not blogging
2. making mini chocolate marble bread loaves
3. finding old craft projects and ideas; finishing them
4. not working on current craft projects and christmas gifts
3. i know i just typed three again, ops
5. tending to a sick Corrina and Dave. I am not sure which is worse. Both stayed home on monday and tuesday; both are back at daycare and work now. I miss them (a little... you see, now i have more time to work on their gifts!)
6. getting sick myself! Well, i guess i won't be working on Christmas gifts!
7. checking out this website and ooooggling over all the craft and beading books.
8. Finally blogging
9. some pictures from COrrina's life


mammasita said...

Wow what an angel, she sure has grown since you were at my place last!

Im glad to see some pictures! I really hope that we can get together before christmas, but if we dont there is always after christmas hehee

Ive been calling more daycares, elaina is on more lists now, I hope I get a call back soon, I would really like to go back to work, hehee

Lori said...

Sicky husband, kid, and now you... Yuck. At least you've got a cute kid! Great pictures. She's so big!! Hard to believe.

Rachel Z said...

good to hear from your little world. Corrina is really starting to look like you. Maybe she already did and I just didn't notice it in the pictures. Ever so cute, that's for sure!

Tammy said...

I can not believe how big she is getting. Seems crazy that it has almost been a year. wow. it certainly sounds like you have been a very busy wife and mom. I hope you are enjoying it all. How do you feel about your year of leave being almost over. i know you said you are looking forward to using your brain a little more, so i hope you are excited about going back to school/work. have you heard yet about school? weather you got in? well, i think about you guys alot. love you and miss you.

Mom Colvin said...

Yay! new blog and pictures too. Sorry that you have all been sick -that's no fun.

Corrina sure is growing, and I agree with rachel z, she is looking more like you :)

Love to you all, Mom & Dad XX

Rach said...

That's the first thought I had, too- she has "the look". What a great look.

Anonymous said...

hey lady!

now, I don't know when the time will present itself... but I think we should force the time upon us... to see eachother...

I suck. So I apologize from the pits of my lamenesss... your youtube mr germ video!?! KILLERFUNNY! loved it. you guys rock.
kay. anothe day... another time...

love you both!

ps: Adrian saw Dave the other day, and came home and said, "Hey, I remembered how awesome Dave wastoday! could we have him and Janie over sometime?" so now it HAS TO HAPPEN!!!! DINNER PARTY!!!!!!! much love!

westcoastloon said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been a bunch of sickies. Not much fun :( and not very Christmas-sy. I hope everyone is back to their usual bouncing silliness soon.

As always, great pics!

Sue said...

ooooooooh wow! what gorgeous pics !! Corrie is growing up so fast now!! I can't wait to hear about the new experiences she is having as she gets up on her feet!! wow!

SO sad that you are all sick. :( i hope you have noodle soup and saltines!! :) sending hugs*****

from sue