Friday, November 10, 2006

It's sticking!

Outside my window the naked brown trees are being blanked in thick, white, fluffy six-pointed flakes that are finally sticking. I, like Loralie Gilmore (she's real in my world, okay!) love the first few snow falls. Slowly the snall reaches the sidewalks and gently lies down for all to enjoy. Very self sacrificing.

This year we have had a few "first" snow falls. The other two didn't stick. I think this is the one to hang around a little longer.

Last night i again mentioned to Dave that i thought it was time to bring some decorations upstairs and begin transforming our place into a magical, warm, softly lite Christmas home. He said that he wasn't 'feeling' it yet (like feelings mean anything.. really!) and that he wanted to wait until there was at least snow on the ground. Yippy, here it comes!

I am spending some time this morning (after moping my floors) looking online at one of my favorite Christmas sites: Martha Stewart (who would have guessed! I like that i am pretty predictable when it comes to my relationship with the martha site. What can i say, it's a genial place!) I am thinking of trying a few new cookie recipes this year, and i am going to make some new ornaments, mostly out of paper i think, for our home. We are also going to do our best to have a lower calorie/fat Christmas. I have alot of research to do for this idea!
I have to let you know though, that i am not the first person to be in the Christmas spirit. I am way behind my friend Sue; her home is already beginning to glisten with her christmas creativity!

Please tell me about your Christmas traditions:
what are your favorite cookies (you could even leave a link to the recipe!)
do you like to make decorations? what kind?
any thoughts about a 'Healthy Christmas'???
What do one year olds like to play with? (yes, this pertains to Christmas, for Corrina will be almost one at Christmas and i am thinking she could a new-to-her toy!)

I hope the Christmas spirit is coming your way too, if you want it there!


JAnie & DAve said...

Snall? What's snall? Oh, you mean snall, like snow!

westcoastloon said...

It all looks so lovely, I want to come over!

JAnie & DAve said...

it's not really here. the photos are from last year. still waiting for more snow!

justus said...

Wow Christmas already!
Looks wonderful! Keep up the great work!

westcoastloon said...

I want to come over anyway :) I still have my Thanksgiving display up on the mantel here but it needs to come down this week-end. Gourds are not forever.

I'm still trying to decide what to do about outdoor Christmas lights. If I'm going to do them they need to go up before the really bad rain hits. But after last year's "the Christmas lights are on fire" episode I'm considering alternatives.


Tricia said...

I don't like Christmas. But you already knew that.

Sue said...

ooooooooooh what fun! i love your decorating style, so full of warmth and funk!! lovely lovely.

Toys for the One Year Young: hmmm....pushtoys (for the 'almost walking' phase), bubbles were a hit, books were adored, Stuffies (this is when J developed her first love-teddy), blocks (with different textures.).

those aren't the greatest ideas i guess, but you will know best. You see what Corrie is 'into', what delights her, what stimulates her: go with that. Find the next 'stage' of whatever kind of play she enjoys and you will have a wonderful gift for your darling child! :)

JAnie & DAve said...


You can always consider LED lights. They use 1/140th of the power of regular lights, so I imagine that cuts down on the fire risk, right?


JAnie & DAve said...

there really isn't any snow. It did not stick.

Mom Colvin said...

Hi Dave,

Good to see that you are keeping up the family traditon of "dress the cat in a santa suit" - Duffy looks suitably fed up!
Love, Mom XX