Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bad videos!

I have been trying very hard to capture some little clips of Corrina crawling, playing, and talking ('ggggrrrrrggrr', throaty noise!) but as most of you know it is hard to film little spontaneous people, especialy when all they really want is to have the camera in their own hands.
So, here are a few bad videos that get the idea across! This is primarily for family who isn't close enough to have Corrina crawl into their arms, pull herself up and their pants, and beg to be held and kissed. I know this won't do the trick but maybe it will fill your heart until the next visit with Corrina.

And if you don't have time to watch videos here are a few pictures:
Dave and I got to go on a Monday afternoon date. I finished crocheting the little caplete i am wearing, and we had decided that when i was done we should wear it out on a date. We went to winnipeg's revolving resturant. Great view of the City from 30 floors high. We stayed for one full revolution around which took at least an hour. We couldn't stop looking out at the city and pointing out places we knew and figuring out which street was which! The food was awful (lunch buffet that tastes gross) but the lovely time gazing out onto the city was wonderful. I think if we go again we will head there when it has just snowed, it is night time so the city christmas lights will be on, and in the evening in hopes of a better dinner time menu.

Corrina is an expert stander now, although she is still needing the assistance of a chair to balance herself.


justus said...

wow she sure is growing! I love the videos! I am sure that your family will all be happy with all these new items on your blog!!!

Mom Colvin said...


THANK YOU! Its great to see video of Corrina and see how she is growing and developing - just like she should. You are right about her hair, its growing in nicely. Soon you'll be putting barrettes and ribbons in, french braiding etc. What fun!!

Loved the photo of you and Dave ready for your date. Good job on the crocheting - very smart. You look great.

Missing you all but so glad for Internet, phones etc.

Much love, Mom XX

Sue said...

ooooooh so so so sweet and beautiful and lovely. all of you! :) The caplete you were wearing-- so gorgeous on you !! you look fabulous!! :)
i am very impressed, knitting/crochetting are not in my hobby vocab. yet. :) one day perhaps. i love the wonderful creations you have made with your needles.

loves. from sue.

Anonymous said...

brooks lovin' watching the corrina videos-she keeps pointing at the computer screen and saying "yah!?!" thanks for bringing some entertainment to our day:) i'm so glad you guys got a fun date out- even if the food was bad:) the caplete is beautiful-you look so great in the pic janie! you too dave!:)

Anonymous said...

cool moose guy!

Tammy said...

I can not get over how cute she is. I love watching her little videos. Rawley quite enjoys the baby movies too. She is doing so well. Glad to hear you and Dave got to go out on a date. I am a fan of the revolving restuarants.

westcoastloon said...

Bad video + cute subject = AWESOME video. So much fun to see your little one in full animated glory. (Not the cartoon kind, although I'm sure Dave could do a wicked good 'Animated Adventures of Corrie')

I have to second all of the "great crocheting" comments, very nice indeed. (And I see Dave *is* getting some use out of the jacket...now who was it that said he would? Oh yes, that was you :)


Lori said...

Not bad videos! I liked them a lot!! I also thought you looked lovely in your "going out for a date" photo! And way to go for trying for a healthy Christmas. I'll give you one tip that my roomate taught me. You know how recipes for muffins and cakes always use cooking oil? Did you realize that you can substitute oil for apple sauce in almost every case? You've got to try it! It's a little less moist, but SO much more healthy!

Lori said...

I guess the proper way to put that is substitute "apple sauce" for "oil", not the other way around... Please don't put oil in where apple sauce is supposed to be use in other recipes!! :)

mammasita said...

Hey Janie, I was unable to look at the videos, but thats just my computer!
I will try again another time, I loved to see the pictures! you look so wonderful!!! How was moms group this week?? I wish I could have went but I totally forgot it was this week and when I got the phone call I just put Elaina down for a nap and missed the bus! Its hard living this far out some times! I really hope that I can make the next group!! I miss hanging out with the moms and babies! Elaina has learned so many skills that I was to show off as well heheee,
I hope that you and I can get together again sometime soon!! Teach me a little bit of crocheting!!! lol

anyways take care of yourself!