Sunday, November 26, 2006

more crafts for you!

Just a little note to let everyone know that i have put a little bit on baking up on Buttons and Glue. Also, a very simply (to keep with dave's post) christmas craft!
I am having a particularly grumpy sunday. Corrina, for reasons i still don't know, wouldn't go to bed until 11pm. She was just so wound up and i could get her to stop playing with her feet. Arrrggggg. I am super tired and irritable. I am going to watch Lord of the Rings and put up more Christmas lights. Dave is at Church all afternoon preparing with the cast for our Christmas Pagent. The hobbits will be keeping me comfortable.
Any thoughts on the relationship of Lord of the Rings to the old testament, current day, Christianity, or the world in general. I wish i had taken the course dealing with that at Prov.
Anyway, let me know.


Sue said...

Hey Janie,

i can totally relate to the grumpiness resulting from not understanding why the baby didn't always baffled me just how much i was affected by that. anyway, i do hope the hobbits kept you good company, they are such lovely beings. :) heehee. i love those movies...perhaps it is time for us to go through them all again...hmm. you have inspired me!

Take care lady. hope the grumpies were satisfied by the hobbits laughter....and i hope to hear more of your daily delights.

love from sue