Saturday, November 25, 2006

Simpler Christmas?

I found this really neat little website from World Vision:

Meaningful Christmas

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Now, I love the IDEA of a simplier Christmas, but it's not easy! For me, the problem is this: I LOVE Christmas decorations, baking, and presents! I love the busyness! I love the excitment! Why would I want to cut back? But then they do have a really good point: I do not love feeling obligated and guilty for not doing enough/buying enough/sending enough. And when did it all become about Stuff, anyway?

One suggestion (take note, Colvin Family!) that I really liked was the idea of a Gift exchange, so that we spend less time on STUFF and have more chance to enjoy the season. Our friend Jodi's family only allows gift-exchange presents, and they all have to be hand-made! Very nice!

So how do YOU strike a balance during the Christmas season? Less gifts? Fair-trade decorations? Email your Christmas Cards? Please leave a comment and let me know! (I'm already feeling the Yuletide Burn and it's not even December!)



The Krow said...

kudoes for thinking about a simpler Christmas...i've been pondering some websites on the same topic and just read a book about it. i think it is more important to recognize the time we can spend with people rather then the decorations, the preparation, and the stuff... face it we ahve far to much stuff packed into places that we don't need more. in my attempt i'm going to be simpler this year. i found some great ideas here...

JAnie & DAve said...

I love best all the prechristmas time. I love to bake so i can share it with people when they come over. I love to make things and give them away to show appreciation for friendship. I love to sing, celebrate and light candles.
I love the extra time spent with people, well, when we aren't all out shopping of course. Actualy we are trying very hard to make things meaningful through the good old "less is more" idea. We are going to put more time and effort into the few things we do send.

Tricia said...

Perhaps not celebrating Christmas is an option. Lights, baking and decorations can happen at any time of the year. Why is is restricted to this time of year? Try celebrating Christmas in March, with less commercial pressure at that time of the year it may lead to a simpler Christmas. But hey, I'm the one that likes to celebrate Christmas day by drinking beer and watching movies all by myself.

justus said...

in our house, "santa" only brings three gifts. There were only three gifts brought for Jesus. My son seems to know that he will only get three things from "santa" and three from mom and dad. It saves money, and clutter.
For decorations and such, this year we are trying to start our own traditions. I love the idea that Janie had with the snowflakes, so we are going to do those, and maybe popcorn strings.
As for Christmas cards, my list is small, but we do the $14.95 special pic at walmart, and everyone gets a pic for christmas as well.
This year, everyone in our family will be getting "scrapbooks" for their gift. Shh don't tell Keyra LOL sorry Keyra.. I guess I spoiled it for you. I always pick a theme for the year. one year everyone got slippers, last year was homemade jam, and a facecloth with Taylor's hand prints.

The smell of baking has long since started in our house, and I am sure will continue until christmas morning! oh, and who could forget the apple cider!!

Mom Colvin said...

I wasn't able to download the website, I waited ages but it just didn't happen so I didn't get the chance to read about the gift exchange. Can you explain it so that I can take note as asked?

Love, Mom XX

bre said...

hey guys.

i've been big on the "meaning making" thing lately. trying hard to see the extraordinary in the ordinary - which isn't always easy. what's even harder is trying to cut things out of my life that lack meaning. i am tired of clutter - not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Its time to not only make Christmas more meaningful, but life in general. Giving up Christmas cards is great, as it says on the website, but think of all of the regular things we do during the non-Christmas part of the year that merely sucks energy and doesn't give back meaning. There are lots. Let's take back Christmas! And life! Yeah!