Monday, January 15, 2007

I went to school

I went to school today. I got to the building, and took the elevator (small school, with few stairs. i want to take the stairs ONE FLOOR down, but can't find them. dumb) to the basement. I left my coat, mitts, hat, scarf in my locker and went to the third floor. I left my lunch (in a pink bag) in the fridge that i was told i was allowed to use. I went to the second floor (if i could find those stairs i would be like 5 lbs lighter already), and went to class. We all introduced our selves, but really, the person sitting next to us introduced us. I was the only new person in the class. The teacher forgot to let my partner introduce me. Ha.
I sat, and learned (every the teach said i had already read in the text book. i hate that). I went and got my lunch and hid in the library and read for my wednesday class. my baby is crying now in her crib (corrina play time is over i guess)

I went to school.



Anonymous said...

glad to hear it was a day of delight.

sounds like a good workout program too, i need a house with

we are getting snow now.
enjoy your week.

love from su.

Anonymous said...

oh i misread your day, sorry. :) i hope it becomes more delightful. i hope you meet other lovely folk. your date for lunch idea is a great one!

loves. take care.sue.

Anonymous said...

Hey Janie
Glad to hear you in school now, What school are you going to?? Corrina has a birthday comming up really soon, are you having a birthday party or anything???

Tammy said...

hey janie
you may not know any one at school today, but by months end you will be friends with everyone i'm sure.
Village is fun. living with dad is better now that i have the suport of ryan and the interuptions of rawley. thank god for my boys. ;)
school starts in 2 days and i am nervous about getting good grades. mostly on the provincal. it has been 6 years since i have been in school. oh well i will study hard!! i have an interview on wed morn for a job at RBC that i want so bad. pray for me.
hmm i guess i should stop before this doesn't qualify as a comment any more. talk to you soon!
love tammy

Anonymous said...

School is always a challenge. I hope things get better for you. Praying that things will!

Mom Colvin said...

Rough first day but it can only get better :)

Praying for you throughout the day, we have a foot of snow here and are due for more snow squalls later.

I have to be at work by 7 am tomorrow - ugh!

Much love, Mary

Anonymous said...

The first day. I remember my first day last semester. Maybe it felt the same, but it ended like this: Then, I went to my friends, Dave and Janie's house. And I puked in their toilet.

First days are hard.

Thank you for the kind note on my blog. To answer your questions, mono people don't like to eat, but they should eat. And they probably shouldn't be around small people, either. Anyway, I'm feeling 100% better.

I am so proud that you went to school. I hope your prof expands more soon.

/rach said...

How is it that I left a non-anonymous, anonymous comment? I don't understand these computer things.