Friday, January 12, 2007

From Ontario

We arrived for a visit in Ontario on tuesday. It is friday night now. The time has gone by so quickly, but has been so great. It is so nice to have more people around a table, see Dave go off with guy friends for an evening of games and hanging out, eat delicious food and spend time with Chris and Mary (grandma and grandpa), see Corrina getting to know her family better, and visit lots with D, S & J

I don't have any pictures to upload. I will have some when i arrive home though!

Tomorrow we are having a Christmas style turkey lunch. FYI Dave was too sick on Christmas to actualy eat the food, so Mary offered to make a meal. We had wanted to do this anyway so we are thankful that we can gather with some friends and chow down. I am sure we will have pictures and a report on this when we get home as well.

The feilds are brown and green, not white. The sky drops cool wet water, not frozen, six pointed crystals. Very nice!
I am going to finish off making my little quilt. It is doll sized, and cute. Now i have the skills! Can't wait to do some sewing in the spare time i will have (in two to three years, when i am done school)!
Sorry this little report isn't too exciting for y'all, but that's that.


Anonymous said...

So wonderful to meet you!!! We all enjoyed ourselves! Thank you so much for having us there. What a great dinner!!

We would love to play games again!! Have a safe trip back to the City.