Sunday, January 21, 2007

One Year Old

Most of your know: CORRINA IS ONE YEAR OLD!
Happy birthday Baby Girl!

She is our marvelous little gal, who we love love love! We didn't throw a big bash for Corrina, but we did have a few friends over for visiting and cupcakes.

Thank you to everyone for lovely thoughts and wishes for our not-so-wee little one! We appreciate your friendship in our lives!
For a great report on Corrina's abilities and the joy she brings please link to "Mom Colvin" and read her latest entry! She says it very well!

I am trying to use flickr again to share ALL our photos, not just the good ones. I hope that sis claire enjoys this, as she is a flickr guru! You can click on the Flickr collage at the side to see more!

And this is our official Shout Out to Sara, without and H! We know you are out there... lurking!


Claire Colvin said...

I am SO impressed with your photos and Flickr-ing!! Always great see your smiling faces. I want to come over for cupcakes. Hmm, maybe this summer :)

much love to you three,

Pam said...

those cupcakes look yummy!! I'm in Winnipeg this week so you can pick up the trolley if you have time.

Sue said...

Wow, those wee cakes looked toooo good to be true. lovely bright icing!!

i'd love to hear some of the classes you are taking,and the bits of info that strike you as extra amazing.

talk to you soon dearie. from su.

Lori said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Have a great week of school, Janie!

mammasita said...

Hi, those are wonderful pictures, I really am so sorry that Elaina and I didnt make it to your house the other day. Things here are really stressful at the moment. I dont have Elaina today cuz Im having a really hard day dealing with things. Tomorrow we both have to go and see the dr.

I really hope that we can get together sometime one of these weekends. I would really enjoy some company...And Im sure Elaina and Corrina would love to play with eachother.

Take care, Im just taking everything one day at a time.

Corrina is looking so big and pretty, her hair looks like its really starting to come in, Enjoy your little one and the new things she learns day by day.

JAnie & DAve said...

i can confirm, about 8 times, that the cupcakes are great! I think i should have a big cupcake party, with all sorts of cupcakes and all sorts of icing and all sorts of friends. Now, i just need more friends that live in my area.. hmm. YOU could move to winnipeg. Yes, you! I would have a party once a week.. do you want to come yet??? Te he
Janie is going to read her text book now.

Pam said...

I will come over for cupcakes!! I will be at the girls for "gilmore girls" so you see you then.

◄THIS IS ME said...

Just like Claire, we are impressed with your photos and the collage you have made. So much so, that we are going to flatter you by imitating you.

We are just working on scanning some pictures now, but we will post the results on our blog.