Sunday, February 04, 2007

A normal post?

It is sunday morning, although time is quickly moving into the afternoon. Dave, COrrie and i went down to our car this morning, unplugged it, buckled ourselves in, and turned the key to be greeted by an angry, frozen engine that would not start. Our block heater is broken (we did know about that, but somehow we thought that our car could handle the -48 weather). Corrina and i stayed home from church, and dave suited up in long johns and a two pairs of mittens and two toques and off her went! I am working on a school assignment today, a subjective assessment of my family of orgin; practice for future work with families. Interesting, stretching and actually hard. I am not very good at summarizing so i have a lot of cutting down to do tonight!
Corrina received these jeans (well the whole outfit) from our friend Pam a few months ago and now they fit perfectly. They are little baby levis and I LOVE EM! It is so adorable and i have been sucked into liking it when she looks like a little teenager!
So that is my normal, not talking about Corrina's hearing loss, post! I just needed to focus on something different for 5 minutes!
I will answer comments and thoughts soon (like how/when we started thinking that Corrina wasn't hearing), but not today.
I hope you are all staying warm if your province is as frozen as mine is!


JAnie & DAve said...

How do i get photos to rotate? they were rotated in my photo program and i thought they would show up the right way. oh well! Turn your head!

Sue said...

OUch, -48???? yuck. can't wait until spring thaw... :)

SUCH a cute outfit for such a CUTE babe! :)

glad you could rest and relax and study today J. hope you have a warm and cozy-rosy-hot-chocolatey evening together!

from su

justus said...

Woot! great pants C!!!
Sorry about the weather, I don't miss that about that area. However, the wind here is about the same as there.

Hope school is going well for you. I pray that you have time for you and Dave, to just relax. Have a movie night or something.
Hugs from our house to yours.

Candace said...

I found Corrie the cutest outfit today, can't wait to show it to you!

MamaZ said...

When you mentioned your assignment about your family of origin, it reminded me of a similar assignment I took about 15 years ago (distance university course required for Ba of Nursing). When I got the assignment back, I was furious. My professor said that I was in denial, and that I should have been more honest. I guess she wanted me to make up some story of a terrible childhood with completely dysfunctional parents. I found out later that her "signifigant other" was a "backslidden rebellious Mennonite", and since I talked about my Mennonite heritage, I think she had made some assumptions. Oh well, not a great mark on the paper, but I made it. So hopefully you don't have the same professor!!

Pam said...

Those jeans look even better on Corrina than they did at the store. Although Corrina looks cute naked, but its so fun to buy her outfits.

Mom Colvin said...

Its cold here too -11 but -28 with wind chill - brrrr! I see that its -28 without wind chill where you are. I hope that you can get your block heater fixed soon. How will you get to college/get Corrie to Daycare?

Hope you can get warma and stay warm.

Sending warm thoughts, hugs and love,

Mom XX

Yokooso said...

I love the levis! And nope the sun is actually shining today here on the the Canadian government too!!!

Tammy said...

i know what you mean about the clothes. Rawley has some really cute baggy jeans and hoodies and he looks so cute.
Corrina's jeans are adorable though. She is such a beautiful smiley baby. Can't wait to see you guy ssoon!

kelly said...

i LOVE that outfit - it is sooooo cute!
sorry to hear about the temperature... that's insane!!

ramblin'andie said...

Is it just me, or is Corrie starting to look more and more like her auntie Claire? LOVE the outfit too!

I had the same problem with my pictures once I switched to the new blogger. The only way I could get them to load the right way (and I only have this problem with the vertical ones) is to open them in my photo program (so that you just have the one image open) and then hit save. It then saves the image as being a vertical one and posts fine.

maria enns said...

hey Janie!

soo... when are we making a date?
next week is pretty busy again, but after that I think Adrian and I might have some space.
possibly, the saturday night, Feb. 17...? that might work...
but let me know! And we can come there - or you can come here! It's cool! if it's easier for you to NOT bundle Corrina up, then we can always bring food, or something, and we can "mini potluck" it...hehe.
thanks for the updates on here, Janie.
Adrian and I continue to pray for you guys. I think you and Dave are amazing. seriously.
kay! talk to you soon!!!!