Monday, February 12, 2007

In review

How can I put this week in review. I spent a great deal of time reading, and second runner up just playing with Corrina. We are still on information overload (there is a large stack on one side of our couch just waiting to be read. Lots of great info about ears and hearing i am sure, but my brain cannot take anymore), are feeling ridiculously busy, and we are trying to get to bed at decent hours, on the other hand Dave announced that he 'feels bored. Not like nothing to do bored, but like doing the same thing all the time bored.' "well, my dear," i replied "we don't have alot of extra time to do new things, so let's make the most of the time we do have together." "okay!" Hmmm, that was a little too easy! One great thing about being busy is that i don't have time for frivolous shopping, which also means that I am not bored and looking for something to fill my time with. Although i did fit a nice 'mall' time in this weekend with the gals!
Although Corrina is deaf, she is still a normal little one year old, just without the mimicking "No no no" being perpetually repeated after every question asked! Fun new things she likes to do: conducted anyone willing to watch, which includes both hands in the air, clapping, head touching, mouth hitting, pointing... Very cute. She also discovered the fun of ice cream buckets today in the bath tub. She has been working on standing on her own. We often find her just standing around with toys. She only lasts about 30 seconds, but her muscles will grow quickly. She has been taking what we call 'falling steps.' From standing she sorta falls forward and her feet sometimes follow for a few steps and other times she's on her knees pretty quickly. But, she is moving along, that's for sure
Here are a few little movies to show you just how fine she is doing.


Tammy said...

She is so sweet. I'm not sure why her and dave were lifting their hands up, but cute none the less. Are you aware that the first video is no longer available???

justus said...

great work Janie!!
Corrina sure is growing fast. She is such a bright little girl. Keep up the great work with her. Don't let things get you down. God Blessed you with a wonderful, beautiful little girl. Enjoy her, hug her, love her. I know that you guys are still overwelmed with all the information, but I know that God is with you during this time, and always. He is there to help you, when you ask, he is there.

Hugs from our house to yours.
Remember you are in our prayers.

Sue said...

i love the arm-waving video. hahaha. so funny!

hope that life slows down a bit for you so that your brains can store all this new info !

we love you guys
from su

Anonymous said...

oh the video doesn't work.. hmm, i will take care of that when i am at home one evening.. hoepfully!
Happy v-day

abby said...

it works now :)

/rach said...

Your bathtub looks like FUN!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your blog, I love all your crafty ideas, and your little girl is beautiful! I scanned through some comments. You guys must be overwhelmed! You have such support. For me I get really offended at things people say when they don't understand, but really they're intentions are so good and they just want to love and pray. I don't know if that makes sense. I have two nieces who were born with Downs Syndrome. I just remember all the comments people said about them that came across as insensitive. People just believe different things ex: God made them this way for a reason, or God only gives good gifts and wants to heal. In the case of my nieces one of them was completly 100% healed, which is impossible and obviously a miricle. Things like this just cause us to reach out and learn and question. It's about Gods agenda and he is doing some amazing things through your family, look at all the people touched by this story already! I'm praying for you guys!

dustin and cherry said...

dave & janie - my heart goes out to you guys - corrina is wonderful and she has seriously always blessed my heart because well she's so dang cute but i'm sorry i sent that email to you guys completely oblivious to the news about corrina - i'm praying for you guys a ton and you love her just the same. You guys are wonderful parents! Cherry

Niki Frew said...

Very cute video of Daddy and Daughter!!!

dr riptide said...

Mark is bored too. Hmmmm.
I've been thinking about you lots... I hope to write you a letter soon!


Sue said...

where are you dears?????????