Monday, March 19, 2007

I am uploading pictures now, so once they are on the computer i will probably remember what i was thinking of posting about.

Dave is sleeping. Corrina is sleeping. I have some time to read and research for my family counselling paper that is due one week from today. I have done very well on all my paper thus far, and have also learned a lot while writing them so i have no reason for worry about this upcoming paper. But, i do have a major reading assignment due 2 days after this fairly large paper, as well as another paper due that same day. This puts me severely behind. So while before you may have been thinking "everyone needs a little internet break, especially when the paper isn't due for a week", you are now probably thinking "Janie, get your butt in gear, you have a huge amount of reading and writing to accomplish!" Yes, i am thinking this too, but you see, i started looking at crafty blogs- this one especially is fun and has a number of great links- while i was waiting for Corrina to fall asleep. I did not want to start my reading with the thought of having to stop every few minutes to help her settle down (which, she has really been having a hard time with. Any thoughts? Is this because she is older and can stay up later, or maybe she needs her morning nap decreased so her afternoon nap, which is now at about 4pm, is taken earlier... i am out of ideas... but i know we are having trouble and restless nights.. something is wrong.. but do i have drive or time to fix it? nope) so i started looking at blogs. now i am stuck.

Oh, the pictures are ready now!
How can you resist this alluring face? I certainly can't:

I bought a little bag of coffee for a friend the other day, and i could not resist picking up a bag of coffee for my french press. With all the reading and studying going on in this house coffee has become a new part of my routine. I bought starbucks, breakfast blend. I have NEVER bought expensive coffee for at home; it is delicious! Lots of frothed milk tops the cup off. I discovered, because we had no milk one day, that skim milk powdered milk makes the best frothy foam, and I can hardly tell the difference in taste. That's my secret for you!

I have been re-learning how to play guitar (it's not like riding a bike, you can lose it! But it is rather quick to pick up again, especially when you only know 10 chords in the first place!) and Corrina thinks it is a dandy new toy for her to fiddle with. So, up on the lap she comes for some strumming fun. I like that she can feel the vibrations; i can't wait until she hears the music that goes with the movements! (note: look at how long she is! She already comes up to the top of my hip when standing!) I think I actually resemble my brother in this picture. Do you think so??

Narrative Family Therapy here i come!


Tammy said...

Haha, She is very tall as well rawley is very short. When I stand beside rawley he just comes above the top of my hips. He is so small, which makes everyone else's child look huge in comparison.
She is just so adorable, i love seeing her cute little face on your blog. Good to hear school is going so well. bet you will be happy when your semester is over though. You are a very busy momma right now!!!

Keyra said...

Hey Janie its been a while, How are things on your end? Things here are going alright,
About Corrina not getting to sleep well, I have noticed Elaina has been wanting to stay up an extra hour at night so she has went from a 7pm bedtime to an 8pm bedtime and she gets up about 7:30 - 8am, as well she has skipped her morning nap all together now and only takes the one just after lunch now.

They sure do grow up FAST!!!
Hope that helps,
Take Care

Lori said...

Ya, she is tall! Really growing up fast. The coffee looks and sounds great. Good to hear school's going good!

Pam said...

Hey Janie, I don't really see the resemblance!! But Corrie is adorable as usual!!!

Candace said...

Just a thought, but maybe Corrina isn't going to sleep as well because it is now light until almost 8pm.

Janie said...

Not the best 'resemblance' pics of me and my brother, but the only one i had of him. It's funny though when i look in the mirror and think "hmmm, i do look like my sibling." Most of my childhood i never thought i did.
Anyway, I want to switch corrina's nap to just a three hour afternoon one, but she still seems to need that morning nap of about an hour. Once school is over i think i will be tackling that one because i will be home with her more to do so. The light might be a problem, but we have a room darkening blind, so her room is dark, but i guess the living room we take her from is light.

She had such a bad night last night, she was up for 3 hrs in the middle of the night, and cried so awfuly if we tried to let her fall back asleep on her own. My only hope is that she is teething and will be sleeping through the night in no time. Really i just to need to do some baby whisperering research and some hard sleep retraining. Boo.
but for today i am researching my paper and that's it

Thanks for the thoughts all!
Keyra, where in the world are you now?

canadace, i gotta see you soon.. it's be awhile again!

Anonymous said...

I think Corrina must get her height from Janie's side of the family tree. What do you think?