Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Did This

If you look closely in the picture you can see that this window is broken. A piece has fallen out and sits between the two-pane window. Well, the piece actually did not fall out. The window was mostly frozen open, and as my 'technique' has worked on other windows in the house I applied my skills to this window. I gently tapped where the glass met the metal frame, as i applied a little pressure at the same time in hopes of moving the window forward. This didn't worked, as you have guessed, and i pushed my hand through the window. I only had a small gash on my wrist and there was only a little blood coming out of my body. This was about a month ago though and by now i have a scar, but i only just called the landlord today about having the window fixed. He said they would take care of it in spring. Lucky we have two window panes else we would have a cold baby room!

Last Saturday I set up the Colvinson Cafe and served my little family the BEST banana pancakes I have ever had or made. Yum! We had delicious coffee with frothed milk and a nice time dinning together in the morning. I always wanted to open a cafe and serve yummy treats and warming breakfasts. One day, maybe. For now i will just feed us! The beautiful flower plant on the table is from my friend Allison to bring me hope during a very stressful school time. I wasn't able to keep it alive though. It even had little flowers that looked like they would grow beautiful and tall. The worst part is i don't know what happened. Maybe the cats chewed on it (even though it was put on the counter at nights), or maybe i hurt it by watering it too soon. Happy flowers, sad death.

Corrina is learning to drink from real cups and she just loves it, though sometimes she gets a little carried away and dumps the entire little cup of water onto her face, down her neck and of course all over her outfit. Today in the bathtub, our favorite practice drinking place, she threw her water back, too quickly this time, and choked herself for a moment. Poor thing. Once the water had finished coughing the water out she sneezed about 10 times. I think the water made it up her nose too. Poor little gal. So that was the end of bathtime tonight as she wasn't very interested in remaining in the water that had just scared her.

Walking walking everywhere. She can make it across our house now, although she doesn't too often. We were having dinner with some friends last night and she walked the entire time. We had never seen her walk so much. They had a puppy, a big puppy, who was very excitable. I think Corrina just thought "Big cat!!" and enjoyed waving, poking, and giggling at him. Doggy liked jumping up at her, so he ended up outside!

Enjoy the movies


kelly said...

i LOVE the videos. She is just so crazy cute!!!

Pam said...

I love it when Corrina attacks Emerson.

justus said...

Great videos! So happy to see Corrina moving around. I think it is cute that she wants to put her Bear on the toy!
All these cute things! I miss when T was that small and did things like that!

Hugs from our house to yours!!

Tammy said...

The videos are wonderful. She is growing up so fast. I can't wait to see you guys!!

Claire Colvin said...

Whoo hoo! YOu guys have the bestest videos! It's hard to believe she's up and walking around already. Craziness. I guess I'll just have to come and visit one of these days.

much love to you three,