Tuesday, March 13, 2007

If you were wondering

Just in case you were wondering what Janie is doing with her day, she (I) will tell you! I am at home writing a paper for my intro to social work course. Good topic, lots of research, movie study of Losing Isaiah, but where to begin???

Nothing fantastically new in the world of Corrina. We were going through a check list of communication abilities for little ones in her age bracket and we found that she is doing great with all the skills a baby of her age usually has. That makes us very happy as it means that she isn't falling behind in other areas of life and most likely will pick up language quickly. I am getting more and more excited for the semester to end, for the operation to come around (we still do not have a date, but are getting closer to knowing), and for the summer and all the sounds it brings to come our way. Of course between now and then I have 5 very large research papers due, but in 5 weeks I will have finished my first semester back at school!

I have not been camera crazy lately thus this post is picture-less. Back to paper writing, or paper starting, which for me is the most difficult part!


Tammy said...

Hey Janie.
I am very happy to hear about Corrina doing so well. You have nothing to fear.
I saw Frank the other day. He waved at me so I stopped in at Mark and Lois' (they are back in the village). He looks really good. He is also going to school. He is taking a 4 year social worker course, but does not want to be a social worker when he is done. He said he may want to be a counsellor for kids in schools. I just thought that was so great. He would be very good at that.
Just thought i would share that with you. ;)
I understand you are very busy, but we should talk on the phone one day soon. Let me know when is good for you!
Hugs to Corrina, and a "Hello" to Dave.

the g's said...

the idea of summer sounds so wonderful right now! that sounds like a neat paper to write- i alway cry watching losing isaiah. i hope the rest of your semester goes well janie-5 weeks will fly by:) we continue to keep you guys in our prayers and praise God for how remarkably Corrina is doing - love ya!!

Mom Colvin said...

WELL DONE JANIE for keeping up with your college courses, despite everything else going on in your life.

Won't it be great to finish the semester and maybe have some time off :)

So glad to know that Corrie is right on target with her development - we figured she was but its always good to check.

Love to you all,

Mom & Dad XX

Sue said...


Corrie is so bright and social - she will totally stay on track with development. That's awesome for you to be able to see that already! what an encouragement that in all your hard work and changes to life, your child is joyful and excited about it all! What a blessing.

Summer........we have been dreaming about summer for a while now!! :) haha. and spring planting, and pools and lakes and slushies.

aaaaaaaaah i love summer.

take care. have fun writing !! wow. 5 papers, sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy your learning.
from su

bre said...


the mario games look amazing. i do hope you get your very own wii soon.
wait, i mean . . . that sounds dirty.