Monday, March 05, 2007

mountians with white peaks

If you were to look deep inside Corrina's mouth you would see 4 big mountains, one on each side, with white peaks poking through the pink.

Yes, she is cutting 4 molars, all at once. Plus, she is also working on another 2 front teeth, one up top, and one down below. She is having some trouble sleeping, has cold symptoms (she also had an ear infection last week and is getting over that cold still), and all the other fun diaper related side effects of teething. But 4 teeth all at once.. that is crazy!!!! I am wishing i had one of those little 'net feeder bags' so i could give her some harder food and ice cube to gum on.

This is a picture of hearing aid time, during which she has to wear a toque so she doesn't pull her aids off. She does really well once we have the toque on her and she pretty much forgets about pulling at her ears! She loves to play with anything that shakes (i thought babies liked rattles when they were like 3 months!), so we bought her some big red maracas to shake about! It looks like she just pulled her pink sock off as well.

Today at our audiology appointment Corrina wore her hearing aids, and we were able to see her respond to very loud, low sounds. The exact numbers were 90 decibels with 250 Hz. Think lawn mower! It was so neat to see her still (she actually stopped what she was doing), think and then look for the clapping monkeys that come on after a sound. She didn't notice sounds at any other levels, like 80 and 500 or even 90 and 500, but we are so happy with the small responses we saw. She was also very happy after hearing the noise!

We are still working on walking and becoming more controlled at stopping, turning around, and bending down to pick toys up. We also learned to dance without music by bouncing up and down while standing! Pretty cute.

Corrina is pretty sure that socks go on her hands now. Yes, that's our fault! I thought it would be cute to put them on her hands, and she really enjoyed it. Now when we are putting them on her little feet (which she just loves to help with!), she often offers us her little fist. These are daddies socks, which work even better. We were spending some time bouncing on the bed here and making Finaggin puppets!

Funny incident tonight: Dave was bathing Corrina, and I was in the living room reading for school. I could hear her swishing the water all over the place and moving up and down, throwing toys around and having fun! Then i heard a different type of noise and i thought to myself "She sure is grunting in the tub, hmmmmm!" A few minutes later i hear "Janie, Come here quickly" I jump up and go the bathroom, and dave says "She pooed in the tub!" But then he points to the cat food dish, where Corrina has flung her little poo! This situation is unavoidable in my opinion. I have been waiting for the day when she would poo in the tub! Dave, who has been looking elsewhere, thus missed the whole pooing part and hucking of the poo also says "I hope she didn't put it in her mouth first" We checked and her mouth was red and white, just as it should be with no brown! Later, as i was getting Corrie's Pj's on dave comes into the room and announces "I just scooped a kernel of corn out of the bathrtb (sad face)." Ha ha! So funny! When i told dave that i had heard some different grunts than normal while he was bathing her he was pretty annoyed that i didn't tell him. I said "Hey, you were right there i was pretty sure you were hearing them too, and SEEING what was going on!"


justus said...

Great news about C!! That is so wonderful! I am happy to hear that she is hearing a few sounds. She would hear great at our Church!

Glad to see her walking, and continuing to learn that! It is so great to see such accomplishments in her!

Sorry you missed the "grunting" dave. It happens to the best of us!

Hugs from our house to yours

Mom Colvin said...

How very exciting that Corrie can hear something with her aids. Does this mean that she is a definite candidate for implants? She must have a working auditory nerve in order to hear at all I would think.

I expect she likes rattles because she can appreciate the vibrations of the rattles moving inside the containers. The maracas are fantastic. Next think she will be salsa dancing! Love the socks on her hands - she has a great sense of fun.

Tons of love,

Mom & Dad XX

Tammy said...

she is so beautiful... and funny. I feel so bad for her though. 4 molars at once...ouch!!
I love your story of pooping in the bathtub. Every kid does it. I remember when Rawley did. hehe. grunting or silence in the bath tub is always a bad sign,

Sue said...

heeheehee. I am very proud of Corrie for the Poop Throwing....priceless! hahaha.

as for the aids, wow!!!! What a fabulous moment it must have been to watch her react to her FIRST sounds!!!! wow. amazing.


kelly said...

wow - that's a lot of teeth at once!
glad the hearing aids are helping her hear something! that's exciting!
i had to laugh about the pooing in the tub...but i probably shouldn't or else Taeya might do it for the first time, just to spite me! :)
very cute pictures of Corrina!

Claire Colvin said...

Well I can add that to my list of things I didn't know kids do.

I think the maracas are awesome! Can a tuperware with wooden spoon drum be far behind? I'm glad to hear Corrie is tolerating the hearing aids. I guess she's going to need to get used to people messing with her ears.

Love, love the toque and the grin on that kid's face is priceless.


Lori said...

The fact that she pooped in the tub is funny, but the throwing it into the cat dish is even funnier! I'm impressed :)
I'm also excited about the fact that she's heard her first sounds - I wonder what's going on in her mind as she starts hearing stuff.

/rach said...

Good to hear such a great update!! Sounds like Corrina has some tough work to do, growing all those teeth.

Korea is fun. But you're right, it is far away, which makes me feel sad. I'm going to clean now...bye!!