Friday, March 02, 2007

She's a moving

Just a quick video!

She can master about 7 steps now!

-j, d, c


Candace said...

YAY she's walking!

Lori said...

Very exciting!

Claire Colvin said...

YAY walking video!!!!!! SO very cool. She is still one of the smiliest kids I have ever seen. Now walking bundle of joy.


Sue said...

yippeeeee!! sooo sweet. sooo sweet.

Go Corrina Go!

:) Julia will be very happy to walk and run with you next time you visit!

kelly said...

way to go Corrina! that's awesome!

justus said...

Way to go Corrina! Great work! Now you can really keep mom and dad busy!

So glad to see that she is walking, now you will be kept on your toes!