Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Twenty Five Years Old

Eat the soft cake
open shiny boxes of gifts
birth days remember

So that is my very bad Haiku in celebration of DAVE'S BIRTHDAY. Another type of Poemish thing for Dave
D- droll
A- altruistic
E- energetic

Truly a helpful, supportive, empowering husband, Dave helps out in anyway he can. I spent the weekend writing a long, difficult paper and Dave spent the weekend looking after Corrina, playing, changing diapers, bathing, feeding, loving, caring. He did not complain or bother me to finish so he could do the things he wanted to get done. He gives time and love in every way he can. A special guy and a Best Friend! He has been endlessly patient with at least 2, if not three therapy and doctor appointments a week. He shows his love in so many ways to his daughter, through simple things, and more difficult things like being up for 3 hours at night with her when she is sick and scared.
I love Dave!

I have not been doing too many updates on me or dave because nothing really changes. He works his butt off at church to do as much as he possibly can in one week for the people and families we worship with, and I attend classes and write lots and lots of papers.

But Corrina: might have a surgery appointment for May 1st. It is not booked as of yet but that date is available. She has a CT scan, for which she will be sedated, coming up next week. She has a doctor appointment this week, and another one next week for her vaccinations. Sometime in the next month she will also have an mri in preparation for her surgery; she will also need sedation for that process. There is always a small risk when toddlers are sedated, but the risk is no more than a drive in a motor vehicle. None the less these appointments keep a baby very busy, will probably be scary for her (and me too, i am so bad with medical procedures), and stressful. Please be praying along with us for her, that she will be given strength and good health (she has had a cold/ear infection on and off since January), the ability she needs to navigate through her days and be understood as she tries to communicate her needs, and continued joy in her life (as she really is such a happy baby!).

Corrina and Dave went for Corrina's first Outside walk, on the sidewalk, with rubber boots, through puddles. It was so very cute to see. Dave will tell you that she took about 4 steps and stopped to play with/in a puddle for about 10 minutes. Dave coaxed her along, until she stepped into another puddle to play with leaves and sticks! All in all she really enjoyed her walk outside and we can't wait for the weather to get better and better!

Candace made a very beautiful dress for Corrina out of the same material that our baby sling was made in, and we just LOVE IT:


Claire Colvin said...

Happy Birthday not-so-little brother!

yours with much love,
great big little sister.

keyra said...

Happy birthday Dave.

wow is Corrinas hair ever growing! so cute, Janie one of these days we need to go for a walk with the babies, anytime just give me a call, I have the all the free time in the world hehe

Take care

Sue said...

happy happy happy!!
great update
great poems
great family!!

we love you guys!!!
congrats on being born dave!!

kelly said...

love the outdoor walk pictures!
much prayer for you in preparation for the procedures. i was scared simply by a little dehydration with Taeya, so i can understand your fear with hers. Praying that all goes well, and that much peace is poured out on you three!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Dave!
That's a lot of procedures and appointments to go through with Corrina. I do pray for your stress level as you do all that plus do school and manage a household.

sarah said...

Congratulations! 25 years ago, you successfully escaped the womb! The world will never recover!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Dave!!!!!!!!!!!