Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oh no. I went to post and it was all deleted because firefox shut down. So...

Just a few thoughts from my head:

-Corrina's CT scan went well. She actually was not sedated. They need the babies to be very still, so they swaddle/wrap them up in a warm flannel hospital blanket, and of course Corrina was wrapped with pooh bear. Her head was placed in a little head holder, and little pillows were put on either side so she couldn't moved. Another pillow was strapped to her head, and she was covered in an x-ray lead vest. The she was slid into the big circle ct scanner. Dave stayed in the room with her, as I am not very good with baby crying medical procedures (although i wonder now if I were there is she would have calmed down a little more?). She was able to see dave, but kept her eyes close. She cried a little, and whined alot. But, the procedure took only about 5 minutes. Luckily she didn't try to move around very much; if she has moved alot she would have needed to be sedated. Short and sweet! At the end of the month we have the MRI, for which she will most definitely be sedated as it takes quite a while.

-Corrina and I enjoy drinking peppermint tea together. I put some in her sippy cup, with some water to dilute and cool, and we have tea parties together. The best tea biscuits: mr. christie tea biscuits! Love em'
(my favorite are the tea biscuits, not the social biscuits.. oh, and nila waffers! yum)

-I am working on a paper today while Corrina naps. Due thursday... better get going!

-I just learned on Martha that such a thing as icing drawing pens exist... for tracing on rice paper, or drawing cookies, etc.. many different colors! neat! They were used to draw butterflies on rice paper, which were than colored in with glitter and placed on petit fours as a decoration. Here's the link for a video with the butterflies. Something a more simple would be very fun to do as a craft with children!


Tammy said...

Hey Janie. I am so glad to hear the ct scan went well. I understand the whole baby crying medical prodecure. When Rawley was 6 months they took xrays of his chest. They sat him up on like a bicycle seat and wrapped a plastic tube around him and then made loud noises to scare him so he would cry. Aparently that makes better x-rays. It was terrible to juist stand there and listen but we know it is for the best. You guys are very strong! And Corinna is a little trooper!!!. I will be praying for her!!! Love you guys!