Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Hippy Toddler!

I am trying to get used to calling Corrina a toddler, because well, you should see her toddle (and throw tantrums!)

She is so stunningly beautiful (along with your child of course, if you have one that is!).

We had a busy week, as always, but tonight we have a BBQ with the other families at the CSHC (Central speech and hearing clinic.. the place we do all our therapy and audiology! amazing people). It will be great to meet the families and children!

Corrina got her first pair of sunglasses today! I will post pictures once i get some. Corrina and I went for a long walk this morning, hitting some of the downtown shops. We have a huge Bay store just up the road, and a mall at the end of the street, not to mention other unique downtown shops all over the place. Somehow I always forget about these places (most of them aren't the cheapest I guess) and drive over to suburban malls for little errands. But now that the weather is nice Corrina and I are walking around more.
This afternoon I am working on research regarding bilateral implants and other related things. We have alot of work to do to advocate for Corrina's needs. The clinic we use for therapy, for instance, is not fully government funded, while other AV programs in Canada do receive full funding. If we would have chosen ASL or Oral verbal therapy for Corrina the centers that carry out that type of therapy are fully funded. I think this is wrong and we are going to team up with other parents to bring the issue forward to the MB health minister! Fun times!
I started laundry just minutes ago at our laundry mat across the lane and I felt really bad because some of the bibs I put in the machines were moldy... I left Corrina's laundry really long this time because I just haven't had a chance to get across the way. Yuck. Hope they come out clean. Any suggestions for removing moldiness or mold stains from cloth? Hope I never have to ask for that advice again.


Mom Colvin said...

A beautiful child indeed. Thanks for the great photos and for taking the time to post them.

Have a fun time at the BBQ - hey no dishes to wash and no cooking to do - yay!

Love, Mom/Mary XX

mammasita said...

oh my gosh is she so cute janie! good luck with everything

Sue said...

she IS SO STUNNING!!!!!!
love the head band!!

you go team, get the funding!!

Rachel Z said...

great scarf! does she actually keep it on?

the mold should just come out in the wash. I've only had trouble getting it out of soft toys. Hhmm, maybe a shirt was tricky too. I'd probably try scrubbing it with some kind of stain remover. Our current laundry dilemma is getting the TAR out of Marty's pants. He sat on it in Paul's workshop the other day. Grr.

Tammy said...

I absolutley love those photos, she is just beautiful. The clothes are also quite cute. It is hard to believe she is getting so big already. I cant' wait to see you guys and go for a walk together with the kids.

Claire Colvin said...

Just when I think she can't possibly get any cuter, she does.