Sunday, June 03, 2007

Night Before

It's the night before Corrina's "activation", which, if you have been following our story, you will know this means Corrina's implant will be turned on tomorrow! We have had a good week, but a sick week. Corrina is getting over another bad ear infection, but is mostly back to herself now. My old fisher price kitchen arrived in the beginning of the week so Corrina has been playing with that, as well as the box it came in (thanks mom!). She has been learning to joys of coloring, eating crayons, and hiding crayons! She bumped her head this week which left a little lump that resembles the beginnings of a growing horn (picture a baby goat maybe....). She skinned her knee today at Church, which didn't bother her at all, but she's a little beaten up looking. All in all a busy week!
We are very excited to see how Corrina does with hearing! We will be off to bed early this night so that we have enough energy for the morning. I will do my best to post asap tomorrow! Please pray for us all tonight!

This is the way that we occupied ourselves for a little while yesterday!
One: pick crayon

Two: look inside to ensure proper placement
Three: poke through holeFour: check landing
Five: sure enough!!
Six: I'm bored, give me the camera


Mom Colvin said...

She is adorable! You are all nuts!!!

Praying that the activation goes well tomorrow and that potty training is successful eventually.

love, Mom & Dad XX

Claire Colvin said...

LOVE, love the action secquence! When I was little we used to get these comics from England. One of the stories in it was all told with photographs. Your post reminded me of those little photo-stories.

I will definitely be thinking of you guys tomorrow. You mentioned starting a hearing blog for Corrie, do you have the URL for that yet?

much love to you three,

kelly said...

oooh - praying all goes well tomorrow.
i, too, love the crayon sequence. cute :)

justus said...

Wonderful that Corrina gets "turned on today"!!! Sorry for the expression... I am sure all will go well!
Looks like she enjoys the crayons... soon your walls will be colourful! We put up paper on the lower part of our walls when Taylor was very young, so that he knew it was ok to colour there. He had some great pictures!
Don't forget to save the first!

/rach said...

Love you~~ Thinking of you!!!

edythe said...

Hoping and Praying all goes well Today, and smoothly (It sounds like she already has a lot of bumps!).

Lori said...

Love the grabbing camera picture! :)

mammasita said...

hope everything goes out well, I still check out your blog all the time janie, sure miss hanging out with you and corrina.
Anyways take care, and I hope everything turns out wonderfuly!!!