Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sing a song

***UPDATE**** I now have the video working properly. Watch and Enjoy!***Great pictures regarding Corrina's hearing at Hear we Go!**** Please check out both blogs. I will still post on this one, but more details regarding hearing will be posted at Hear we Go!

Corrina did well today at day care. She only takes the processor off when she hears very loud noises, like other children screaming, or her screaming! Ha ha

Tonight I put her to bed at 7pm because she didn't have a full nap at daycare. She fussed and eventually once she had calmed down I went to put blankets on her thinking she was asleep. Well, instead of snuggling down into her bed she was sitting in the corner sorta playing peak-a-boo with herself. Out she came... here is what we did while she had a little snack:
ps, this is only about our second time singing this song.. she caught on really quick.. she likes the 'evening' action (rocking your arms back and forth like you would with a baby) I think she likes this one because we have been learning to rock her baby doll! Ha ha

If you did not see the post before the post before this post I have set up a hearing blog for Corrina to record what's happening and the milestones she is making! Feel free to add it as a link on any of your sites if you would like. Might be boring at times, but its all important to us!


Kari said...

This is such an exciting time for your family!! We will continue to pray for you guys as you journey on! Thanks for sharing your story on the other blog - I was curious as to how all this began! :)

dr riptide said...

Thanks so much for showing me that sewgreen sight. WoW! Did you check out the home-sewn pads?? Are you going to make some? I'd rather go down the moon cup route myself, but the pads are a cool idea. Maybe I'll have time in Australia to make some. Anyhow, glad to hear things are going well with Corrina. We're looking forward to seeing her (and you guys) in September. Did your mom send you the dates? Sept 8 - 13 (so we can go to your church!). We would love to stay for free somewhere if possible, but if not, we'll stay at a hotel-- no problem. Hope all is well.



DAve & JAnie said...

Sorry all, the image should show up soon!

Claire Colvin said...

I keep getting a "video no longer available" message :(

DAve & JAnie said...

I think she pulls the processor off because she doesn't like my singing! Ha, can't blame her!

Kauan Tyler's Mom! said...

She's ADORABLE!!!!
Congratulations!!!! and thank you for sharing!!!