Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Promises, promises

I, Janie, am successfully through a one week intensive course on Ethical decision making in Social work! Ack! At first the days moved by quickly and I was overwhelemed at the thought of one day being responsible for making very important decisions regarding the delicate lives of vulnerable people. By Wednesday I was ready for a break from being in class all day, and the house was a mess, but of course I would have to wait until friday! Come friday, besides feeling tired, I actualy felt equipped to work through ethical dilemma's that I may one day face in practice. By Novemeber, although i don't want to leave it that long, I will need to turn in my last assignment for the course, a lengthy paper detailing my decision for a certain ethical scenario. I am actually looking forward to writing this paper! But, I don't have the time to start just yet as we are working on some rather important life decisions right now.

I have a lot of pictures to post but we left our camera at a friends house and won't be able to get it back until sunday.
We still do not have the house we are looking at because the engineer's report we had done uncovered a number of very major issues regarding the structure. Unfortunately the people we need to talk with at the North end housing project are on vacation! Very frustrating, but let's hope they have a great vacation and are refreshed and feeling generous when we are eventually able to meet with them. We need to see if they have grant money to fix the foundation. If they are able to pay that without raising the buying price of the house then we will buy. If not then we really don't know what will happen with our house buying dreams...
We have spoke with a number of people regarding sending corrina to Newfoundland for a bilateral implant. It seems that something may come of this, but of course we still really cannot say how it will all play out. We will keep everyone posted as much as we can! Family, if you would like more detailed information regarding the gazillion phone calls and all the information please do ask!
Dave is on holidays today, so we started the week off with a major deep clean of the house, removing all the pesky piles up cat hair hiding in places like under the freezer and behind the bed. I HATE CAT HAIR. Dave says I act like it is my mortal enemy. The rest of the holiday time can now be spent with minimal cleaning and maximum relaximum!

Word Out Believers!


DAve & JAnie said...

ps: I promise photos soonish

Lori said...

Glad you can have some time off to gather thoughts and plans and clean and stuff! I sure hope the house buying and fixing issues are settled easily! your course does sound intense, but it also sounds just like something you'd soak up. Cool!

Mom Colvin said...

Have a great vacation time! Play lots of board games, take trips, walk the city, relax!

love Mom & Dad XX

Claire Colvin said...

Aren't you clever doing the deep cleaning first so now it's all play, play and play!

I can't wait to see you guys!!!!!

Lori said...

I did end up staying home. Spent the weekend with friends, watching movies, getting a few things done around the house, sleeping in (a little!) It was good! ya, Rizzo does sleep with me most of the time. Till he decides it's time to play around 3 AM, when I put him out of my room and close the door!

Sue said...

can't wait to hear more! :)

love you guys.