Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sneak Peak

I know Corrina is up from her nap, but she hasn't made a peep yet so I will take time for a normal post.
Dave and I went on a date last week, and this week to do an activity for our third anniversary. Yesterday I remembered to take pictures of our project at the ceramic painting place Brushfire:

We both painted noodle bowls, which in the pictures are not fired yet of course (they will be shiny and bright next week!), so this is a sneak peak. We painted VERY different scenes: flowers vs. autronaunts saving Tokyo. This place is incredibly fun and I am hoping to take the mom and sisters-in-law here to paint when they visit in September (mom, rachel, claire: details to follow in an email soon!) This place is comfortable, inspiring, cute and holds alot of artistic fun. Even polkadots turn out amazing!

Last night I went bowling and had coffee with some good friends. We had fun playing with the camera at the coffee shop!

Monday night we had our good friend Allison and her visiting parents and sister over for dessert! I baked and Dave decorated with berries and icing. Delicious!

Dave is back at work, life is normal again and I miss having him around. But, we do have lots of plans for visiting and activities in the next few weeks and then before we know it school will be starting and youth group will be picking back up!


Claire Colvin said...

LOVE the noodle bowls! You are both so creative I am thrilled that God choose to put two artsy-creative-talented type people together forever. You will always have beautiful things in your home.

Happy (belated) anniversary! Wow, three years already... I was just looking at the calendar today and realized that we're well into August, practically September. I'm sorry that these anniversary wishes are so late. What a beautiful day it was, three years ago, sitting under the tree and the cranes and the paper stars and watching God make a family. I am even more thrilled today than I was then because I know you both better and so can love you deeper. I am honored to know you both.

much love (and I am totally up for ceramic playing in Sept)

Mom Colvin said...

Count me in for the ceramic adventure too - although I am NOT artistic in any way it will be fun to be creative.

You can all give me pointers on how to paint since I never had any lessons. Art classes in school consisted of "get some paper, brushes, water and paints - paint something".

I was 14 before I knew how to mix colours. I thought paints came in colour blocks and if you didn't have orange or green (but had blue, red, yellow) you were stuck.

When I complained to my art teacher in high school that I couldn't paint trees because I didn't have any brown or green she looked incredulously at me and said "well mix some then". When I continued to look blank she then realised that I and half of the rest of the class didn't know that basic information. Apparently we should have been taught that in Grade School.

So bring on the ceramics and the paint - who knows there might be something interesting about to issue forth! (but it will probably be an abstract!)

Dad wants to know what the boys are going to do instead.

love, Mom XX

Lori said...

Love the ceramics too! Creativity oozes from your pores. Love the coffee house pics too.