Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This post is truly silly. For the last while I have taken a photo on our computer, using photo booth on mac, whenever I have gotten my hair cut, or just happen to like my hair that day. Like I said: Silly! Today I thought I would post a few of these pictures, just for fun! And, because I know everyone likes looking at me!
So, starting way back when... i don't know the date, but the hair sure is short! And these are some very idiotic photos of me too, so do laugh! Of course, as you can see, i have been working on growing my hair out, and my hair indeed has been growing! I guess this first one is Christmas:

This one, above does not really look like me! HA, funny!

So I am angry at my hair for not being straight, but today I am actually okay with it's curliness because I found this sweet piece of trim that I bought in a grab bag. I will officially sew it into a headband later! My bangs are hanging out in my eyes too much, so that needs to change, but other than that I think I will keep on growing things out!
That's it for my silly post!


mammasita said...

wow, I like your hair,
I cut my hair about that length right now, but right now its pink hahahha now thats talking silly, I dont know why I did it just did, lol

anyways good luck growing out the hair, I know how hard it can be

take care

Mom Colvin said...

You spend all your time wishing your hair was straight and I spend all my time curling mine - aren't we wonderfully funny creatures!

Your hair really is growing and I like it curly. It would look really good with a tiara don't you think!

love, Mom XX

justus said...

You sure look like you are having a great time with both your hair and your MAC!

Hugs from our house to yours!