Thursday, August 30, 2007

To do:
Bake muffins
take out garbage
charge ipod

And all in prep for my visit to Ikea! I am happy as a clam (are they happy? I have just heard the saying.. maybe it was happy as a yam) I am happy as a yam!

I cut my own bangs this morning because they were making me go crazy! CRAZZZZIIIIYYYEEEEEE

So yes, Dave, Corrina, Bre and I will be driving tonight so pray for us if you think of it. I will be in Ikea tomorrow, so pray for me to shop smart and find deals, if you think of it! Our house sitter will keep our place clean and shiny and feed our cats and we will shop! Good deal. Bre is weird in cars so I am doing some mediational preparation for the trip. But, I am weirder, so she might want to get prepared as well! I think I will drink coffee all day that way when we leave at dinner time I will be so hyper that they will hate me, then I will promise to be good if they let me spend 5 hours in IKEA! Manipulative!!! Wahh. Yes, I am excited to get this ONE things from ikea (at least for sure)
Our Noodle bowls are all shiny now: take a look! Corrina wanted in on the fun of eating with chops sticks.

She did a fairly decent job I think!

And we all know that the real and only way to eat with chop sticks is to actually eat with you fingers!

So until our return from many wonderful American materialistic adventure we sign off!


Claire Colvin said...

Aw, thanks for posting those. I am having the busiest work day and decided to come over here just for a minute for a little pick-me-up. The chopsticks photos made me laugh out loud and I so need that today.

Can't wait to see you guys in person and paint more ceramics!

ps what size clothing is Corrie wearing these days?

justus said...

Janie, have a blast at Ikea!! We only live 20 min from one... and boy is it dangerous!!! When I get in there I don't want to leave! I want one of everything!
Taylor is lucky and has gotten one of their loft beds, however, I didn't pay their price for it. It was cheapcycled for only $20!!
I think everything in my kitchen is either from there or from pampered chief!
Have a great trip!!

Kari said...

Hi Janie - I hope you guys had a wonderful time! I also LOVE IKEA - I just can't get enough. If only one was closer to us...!

Quick question for you - are you using cloth diapers for Corinna? Sue mentioned that when she was here (many moons ago), that she managed to find some used somewhere...Kallie's almost into the next size (20+ pounds), and I'm striking out everywhere I try...any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!!


bre said...

for the record, i am quite sure you were weirder.

"did you see that bright obvious rainbow, or the dull subtle one right over yonder?"

/rach said...