Monday, September 17, 2007


We are back in a normal (some may say boring) routine of life, school, daycare, work, therapy, cleaning, baking, singing, laughing, yelling, tantruming, creating, eating, and making playdoh.
We had such fun with our family visit last week. I have photos to upload and will blog about the time soon!

My thoughts for the day: if only life were as easy as making playdoh:
1 c. flour
1/4 c. salt
2 tbsp cream of tartar

combine and add:
1 c. water
2 tsp food coloring
1 tbsp oil

stir while heating on medium heat in pot on stove. it will appear all lumpy and funny and you will think it isn't working out, but it is! Soon, 2-5 minutes, a ball/lump will form in the center. Work the spoon around the pot to combine most of the dough, then dump it out onto a lightly floured surface and kneed it! it will be wonderful, smooth and colorful. Remember to let it cool a few minutes before little fingers squish into the fun.

I know this playdoh post merits a picture, but Corrina was 'washing' dishes (or the floor!) and I didn't have the camera at hand. Trust me though, excellent recipe!


mammasita said...

glad to see your up and running again, hope to see some pics soon

take care

justus said...

Janie, try using Kool Aid instead of food colouring. That is what we use. It makes it nice and smelling, as well as brighter colours.

How was your trip to Ikea?

Claire Colvin said...


I'm hoping to be able to call and sing tonight after work. I hope you have a day as amazing as you are.

much love,

the salmon said...

i'm really glad you included a recipe for playdough. a friend gave me 2 tbsps of cream of tartar, and offered to email me the recipe later...that was 3 months ago.
so now, if i want to make it, i can just look on your blog (i know i could have searched online, but hey, this way, the recipe came to me).
happy belated birthday