Thursday, November 15, 2007

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The camera is home, I CAN POST!

I don't like writing photoless posts, so if I don't have any good photos I stay away. In this case Dave took the camera to work on sunday, and left it there until yesterday. I have some 'business' photos to get out of the way, and then a few from the last 2 weeks! I didn't realize it had been such a length of time since posting. Eeeck, bare with me, and thanks for checking to read us!

While the family was out the girls painted pottery. I mailed it just the other day, but here is a sneak peak before it arrives on your door step:

Corrina carved her first pumpkin with Daddy (post Halloween). She was good at scraping the inards out of the pumpkin, and was pretty good at putting them into the pot and not on the floor. Needless to say dave still had lots of afterward clean-up! I wasn't there, but that's probably a good thing because of the mess.

Corrina LOVES to read books now. She grabs her favorites (anything with flaps!) and brings them over to the couch for story time. She is doing great at recognizing sounds because of our reading; I can put the books in front of her and ask her to show me "BaaaBaaa" and she can find the books with sheep in them!Dave has a beard now, that he grew for a bet from me, and he also has funny squishy balls that we all love!

Next week Corrina will have her second implant surgery. The surgery date is November 23rd. Keep us in your prayers.
One last funny thing: we live in Central Canada, it is Nov 14, and there is no snow on the ground. The temperature is barely below zero, and while yes, i am enjoying this, the smart part of me realizes that this is probably a large part of global warming: world is slowly dying, and we are killing it. What are you doing now, today, to stop that?
Here's some inspiration: A handmade Christmas (Pledge)
I have not commited yet, but I think this will be a large part of our Christmas, if I can get Dave to stop buying himself his own Christmas presents and sticking them in the closet (comics and muppets!)


mammasita said...

great update, I have some problems with my camers thats why I havent really been blogging lol, Corrina is growing very fast! Glad shes hearing and learning lots now. You will be in my prayers next week, hope everything goes wonderful!!!

take care

dr riptide said...

The ceramics look great! I'm looking forward to receiving mine. Guess what... just yesterday we ordered Christmas presents for the Colvin/son family members we have! We did it with the environment in mind though. We thought, better something ordered online from a Canadian store and shipped within Canada, than sent from Australia to Canada. Our secret people will still receive a little something sent from Australia though. I do like the idea of 'homemade.' It has more than that though. Where does the craft material used to make the 'homemade' items come from? I like the old motto, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," even for Christmas presents! Perhaps next year we could give some of our belongings away (Reduce) instead of going out and buying other things, [I can't make ReUse fit with my idea-- oops!], and Recycle... make gifts out of used items! Now that I think about it more... 'homemade' is fun, but 'ethical gifting' is overall better in my mind. Either way, it requires a bit of extra thought which is a good thing. I like that you are thinking about these things Janie! You mentioned it's 0 degress where you are... it was probably 30 degrees here today! It's supposed to get up to 34 degrees next week! Here in Australia we practice conserving water. I am getting in the habit of placing a bucket in shower with me to collect the extra water. I then use that to water a plant in the yard or wash the car, etc..

Anyhow, we're excited for Corrina. We'll be thinking of you and praying for you this coming week especially.