Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am indeed writing this post from my new house! This is exciting, yet also very odd for me. I feel like I am going through house-culture shock. Chris and Mary just left this morning and I miss them already. It was so great to have them here both to help and visit with! They worked so very hard to help us get things in order and do some tough jobs. Thanks for your hard work guys! Now it is just quiet, and there are sooooo many boxes to unpack, yet I don't want to even start because i just feel lonely.
Despite all that, I am going to work on the kitchen some more. It is set up, but the majority of the floor space has been given to boxes full of tools and random things that keep coming through the door. I am doing away with them this afternoon, and then, if I have time, I will work on our bedroom.
Corrina is enjoying her new space and has been napping and sleeping just fine at night. She likes to go up the stairs and play in all the different rooms. She has sort of found her toys but is more interested in visiting the cats in the basement and chasing them around boxes and getting stuck in precarious places! All in all she is adjusting just fine!
I am not used to having my own washer/dryer and I keep forgetting to take the laundry out... as well I am convinced that I am going to have to start washing dishes again.. its just a feeling of habit; when I formulate my afternoon lists I always start with dishes, and I am still doing it.. only now it is load the washer.. much quicker!
Dave has hardly had a moment to sit and enjoy his new house because he has been busy coming and going between home and work. When he is home there are little projects to be done and not really time to play or sit or unpack. I plan on suggesting that we just stay IN tonight and enjoy some time together (in otherwords... you play with Corrina while I try to get some things put away!)
I have the camera sitting right in front of me... with pictures, but I can't find the transfer cord. So, I give you my girl scout promise that I will post some as soon as I find that very important cord.


Sue said...

oh so wonderful! you are in!! and discovering the joy of a PLACE of your very own!!!! lovely!!

cannot wait to see the pics!!


the guynups said...

how exciting being in your new home!!! i hope you can all get settled quickly so you can just enjoy your new space- looking forward to seeing pictures:)

justus said...

Janie, look, look, look around!!!! Find that cord! LOL
I hear ya, it sure isn't easy to keep track of it, especially when you move. I can't wait to see your new place, and everything you have done, and all the great ways that you will fix it up to be yours! You have such great taste!