Friday, January 18, 2008

Painted... er... painting

Happy Second Birthday dear sweet, crazy, assertive, adorable, smiley, joyful Corrina! We love you!

Wow, I hate painting prep! Dave and I had a full day to spend time painting, but we hardly got any paint to board at all.. one coat on the cabinets.. that was it! Luckily a friend babysat (thanks bre) so we were able to get back to the house and do the second coat, plus a little of the walls.

Look how different the place looks, ya know, besides the lack of cabinet doors and the blue tape!

The color we choose in the end is called Cup of Cocoa, but Behr paint, and the cabinets are Swiss Coffee...both very kitcheney names! So far it seems that the color will work well with this odd tile!
This is all we have done so far, with so much more to go. I don't think we will get anything more than the kitchen done before we move in, but at least that will be out of the way!
I'm off to get some school stuff out of the way so I can party with a two year old! Yippy!


Claire Colvin said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Corrina (who could hear this song if I was really sing-ing)
HAAAAPPPPPPYYYY birthday to you!!!

Dearest Corrina, how did God fit so much joy into such a little package?

much love,
your Auntie Claire

ps the cabinet look amazing!!! I want to come over.

mammasita said...

its so crazy how fast they grow eh

your house will look wonderful! so exciting!!!

Mom Colvin said...

Happy birthday Corrina - sorry I phoned too late to sing to you but I hear you had fun blowing out your candles.

Janie & Dave, the kitchen is coming along just great. Can't wait to see you Thursday.

love, Mom & Dad XX

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday little girl!

God bless you guys this year, hope it's a great one for you!

(hope to see you again soon-ish)


DAve & JAnie said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, and songs! I think Corrina really likes to be sung to.. she sometimes takes the cupcake.. or whatever, and sorta sings to herself when we are done! Such fun.. most of the time!
So much work to do.. house, school, phone calls, organizing.. dishes... so little time. I can't wait to have a dishwasher, let me tell you!
take care friends,

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it was two years ago when I first held her. Time sure goes by fast. Your house looks amazing. Painting is such hard work. Specially when you have a deadline and busy lives. Can't wait to see the place when we are out in the summer!
Take Care!


Sue said...

happy happy birthday time!!

how precious!

hey, your kitchen looks huge and awesome!! :0)
enjoy the reno's!!


dr riptide said...

Happy Birthday Corrina! A card is in the mail for her. By the way, what is your new mailing address? I sent Corrina's card to your old address, hope that's OK. When exactly do you move to your new place?

Have fun painting...



kelly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORRINA! Wow, i can't believe she's already two!!! time sure flies.
your kitchen is looking fabulous already! just dream of how wonderful it will be when it's all done and moved in :)

Daniel said...

Happy Birthday Corrina!

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