Friday, January 04, 2008

S' about time

that we show off a few photos of our new house! It is a 3 bedroom, about 100 years old but completely redone, in a good location! It hardly needs any work at all, which we like because we don't have the time right now! The back yard is a good sized, plus the basement is clean, dry and drywalled, so we will do what we can with it!

Front, with little fenced area. The front window is the living room of course. The kitchen is an extension, the full width of the house on the back!

Back... sides are fenced, but we will need to add the back fence. The window and door go into the large kitchen!

Kitchen... the neat part is that this is only one side of the kitchen because it is eat in... however, there is also a dinning area, so I am going to make a great computer/home organization/mudroom area on the other side. We are going to paint out the cabinets and go for a bright, modern country style kitchen. We bought our appliances and the place will look homey once we are all moved in! I love the two windows, and the double sink.. not that we will need it since we bought a dishwasher (whoo hoo... i can't imagine how many hours that will add onto my day.. not to mention my afternoon dishwashing session is history!)

Living room and entry way, a view from standing in the dinning area. The space is a lot bigger than this photo shows it to be!

And this picture is a view of the dinning space, taken from the living room. You can see through to the kitchen and the back door of the house as well! The stairs to the basement are to the far left, behind the wall, good layout!
And this last photo is Corrina at her second implant activation, a few weeks ago. We were on the news (did you see us?), and Corrina did great. She was a little scared by the new ear becuse the first side has such refined hearing now that what she was getting in the second ear didn't sound like what she was used to. It looks like she is sleeping, but she is just going into a little shell, with her eyes closed, and rocking. She was the one who was actualy doing all the rocking, propelling me back and forth for about 45 mins. We coaxed her out of her shell with fun toys once we thought she could handle it. She did fine, and within 2 days had adjusted to having two ears. She is coming along great, localizing sound (that is, turning to us when we call her name, instead of scanning the room to find the source of sound) and she is able to hear sounds at a farther distance!

Corrina loves this elephant towel and spends a lot of afterbath time running around being an elephant (which she also has an action and sound for!)


mammasita said...

wow what a wonderful post, Glad to see you found a house that is so wonderful!!! So glad Corrina is doing well with hearing out of two ears now!! awesome!!! and I saw ya on the news!

Sue said...

hey friends.

GREAT house news!! praise God for His glorious blessings. Corrina looks so sweet and dear and fun.

can't wait to see you again one day.......

when oh when could that be?
love ya.

Lori said...

I'm so happy for your house! It looks great!!! Where in the city is it? And I'm also so happy for Corrina's activation working well. What a strange thing to think of what's going on in her head when she starts to hear things! Wow.

Anonymous said...

hey janey, corrina and abraham, sounds like an exciting house, I am off today and tomorrow, and will likely call to chat within that time. we are happy that you found what you are looking for.

dave n

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so wonderful.. I can't wait to see it when we are out in the summer.!!!

kelly said...

she is SO cute! Glad to hear the second activation is going well!

dr riptide said...

Great news! How did it all happen? And how is Corrina doing? I'm sure you're busier than we are these days. Know that we're thinking of you and we're so pleased for you =) By the way, Janie, when is your birthday?

Anonymous said...

WOW! So happy for your family that everything is going so well and for all the answered prayers. Amazing! When do you move in?

/rach said...

I'm so curious about your new house! Corrina looks gorgeous; I'm so happy. I miss you guys.